Quick Update & Feedback Request

Very quick, actually: I am jumping on the Twitter bandwagon! You can follow me @DogFurDandelion.

Also, as I re-evaluate the direction and purpose of this blog, I am in need of some reader feedback:

  1. If I were to write about my journey with long-term illness, what specifically would you want to know (not just about the illness but how I deal with it)?
  2. What are some specific devotional or theological topics you would enjoy reading about? What about specific categories of posts you want to see?
  3. Would you be interested in a page for book recommendations?
  4. For those with your own blogs, would you be interested in a link-up day, maybe one where we can share what we’re learning in our Bible reading/devotions?

How can I better meet YOUR needs? How can I better encourage and build YOU up in Christ? Feedback is more than welcome! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Quick Update & Feedback Request

  1. I would love to see your book recommendations, Elizabeth, and would do a link up.:)

  2. Elizabeth,
    Just write how you feel about it straight from the heart, you are the only one that can do and say how you feel, you are walking in the shoes of pain and suffering with this condition and you understand it better than anyone.So write it the way you want it to be written. And when it is done I would like a copy of your book. And maybe it will be a best seller. Love cousin Elizabeth

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