TTB12 Week 2

So how are you doing with reading your Bible every day? I admit, some days are harder than others. But so far (all of one week) I’ve done okay! Of course, there’s also some days that I start reading, and fifteen minutes later I realize I have no clue what words just passed in front of my eyes! They were just lines on a page, not divine whispers from my heavenly Father. And so I have to go back and read it all over again, making sure that I pay careful attention to what I’m reading. Do you have that problem too?

But I’ve found something that can help (when I remember, that is). I usually have my prayer time after my Bible reading, so I can respond to what the Spirit shows me, and reply to God after hearing/reading His words to me. But it helps to take just a moment beforehand as well, just to focus your mind on the Word and the time you are about to spend with God. I like to pray something like this:

Help me to focus.
Help me to understand.
Help me to obey.

Pray for focus– that you might be able to set aside the distractions around you and in your mind, that you won’t allow yourself to be interrupted, and that you would be able to really pay attention to what you’re reading.

Pray for understanding– that the Holy Spirit would illuminate the Word in your mind and heart, that He would show you Himself through His words and works, that you would realize how all Scripture applies to you personally, and understand what you should do with what you’re reading.

Pray for obedience– that you would be willing to change if convicted, that you would be pliable to the Spirit’s leading, that you would be tender to His molding and shaping of you from the inside-out, and that you would be strong and faithful to follow through with whatever He commands you to do.

That’s what I’m learning as we start off this year-long challenge. How about you? What is God teaching you about the process of spending time in His Word? What is He showing you in His Word? How have you been convicted or refreshed by this past week’s readings? Or what are you having trouble with (understanding or putting into practice) that maybe someone else can help you with?

Take some time to share what stood out to you this week in the comment section below! Or, if you have a blog, share it with your own readers and post a link over here so we can read it too! Let’s start building each other up with the lessons we’re learning- maybe someone else needs to understand what you finally grasped this week; maybe they need to hear the lesson God is teaching you, so they can learn from it too.

Let’s sharpen each other with the Word!

TTB12 Week 2 Readings
Sunday: Genesis 20-22, Romans 8
Monday: Genesis 23-24
Tuesday: Genesis 25-26, Romans 9
Wednesday: Genesis 27-28
Thursday: Genesis 29-30, Romans 10
Friday: Genesis 31-32
Saturday: Genesis 33-35, Romans 11


5 thoughts on “TTB12 Week 2

  1. 1. I’m doing well on obedience – reading each day.
    2. OK on focus – I had to giggle when you wrote of “lines on a page, not divine whispers from my heavenly Father.”
    3. But I’m still praying for understanding. 🙂

    I’ve never done Bible studies, but have always used the Bible in my own way, so I’m not understanding too much. However, there was one day when I was asking, “Why, why why?” in Genesis. Then in Romans, my very question was answered. Neat!

    Today’s study was disturbing to me. Coming from a background of childhood abuse, these types of issues are always disturbing to me though. I’m sure there’s a reason God has led me here, led me to your post about TTB, and that I have wanted to do this before and it all led me here today. Maybe so I won’t feel so alone. Maybe so all of my questions will be answered later. I’m sure it will all be some big, neat, divinely interwoven puzzle that will reveal itself in a beautiful way, as my only real Father has done so many times before.

    I am not offended in the least if you edit out that last paragraph. 🙂

    Anyway, thank you, Elizabeth, for your posts. They have led me here for a reason, I am sure!

  2. Colette, thanks for sharing how you’re doing with TTB12! One thing I’m loving about this reading plan is how the old & new testament passages correspond so well with each other. Like reading in Genesis about God commanding Abraham to do something, and then reading in Romans about the result of his faith & obedience. It constantly amazes me how unified the entire Bible is within itself!

    And nothing wrong with having questions or not understanding everything… I firmly believe that every time we read the Word, the Holy Spirit will show us something else we never saw before, or help us understand it in a new way. I’m just now beginning to grasp aspects of the gospel (Christ dying for sinners) that I’ve never seen before – and I’ve been hearing it preached since before I was born!

    I’m excited to see how we all grow in our knowledge & understanding as we continue reading the Word.

  3. Also, if you have any specific questions that you can’t find the answers to, feel free to message me directly on facebook. Maybe I can offer some guidance or suggestions that will help.

  4. There is a study technique that some teacher’s recommend that is called SQR3. This stands for survey, question, read, recite, review. I never thought about applying it to bible reading, but if we change the academic to the spiritual, we can do something similar. I never thought of that before tonight, but after reading your post and seeing that you sometimes experience the same thing as I (reading, then realizing you don’t know what you just read) makes me think I’m trying to read more than I should be praying! So like you, I’m going to add the prayer to the beginning, and maybe adapt the SQR3 for myself 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!!

  5. Thanks for sharing that, Lori. Might be something I’d find helpful as I read.

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