TTB12 Week 3

So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.

I think this should be our key verse for TTB12. Reading the Word of God is key to growing in our faith… to growing in our knowledge of Him and adherence to His will. That is why we strive to read it every day. That is why we challenge ourselves to read it cover to cover in one year. Because it will grow our faith and expand our knowledge of the Almighty Unchangeable God, our Creator and Redeemer.Because it will show us who He has been throughout history, since the creation of the world, and how He is ever faithful and unchanging. What He was for Israel over 2000 years ago, He is for us today. And what He is today, He will be for eternity future. And what better place to learn what He is than through His divine Word, words that were literally breathed out by His own Spirit? How better to know Him than by knowing what He says about Himself, and by learning how He has acted throughout history?

Colossians 2:6 exhorts us to walk in Christ in the same manner that we received Him: by faith. And Romans 10:17 explains that that faith will come by hearing- and by reading His Word.

That’s what I’ve been reminded of through this week’s reading. My God is the same God whom Abraham and Isaac and Jacob followed after and worshiped and obeyed. He gives me the same promises of blessing that He gave them. He is as faithful and merciful and loving to me as He was for them. With Him there is no variableness or even shadow of turning, as James 1:17 tells us.

So what have you been learning, or been reminded of this week? It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing this same reading plan or a different one. I would still love to read what God is teaching you through the faithful reading of His Word. He promises blessing to those who faithfully study and read and know Him- so how is He blessing you through your time with Him each day? And somewhat more practically, what tips or suggestions do you have for others that help you stick with a daily reading plan?

For those who are continuing with the blended plan, here is next week’s reading schedule:

Sunday: Genesis 36-38, Romans 12
Monday: Genesis 39-40, Romans 13
Tuesday: Genesis 41-42. Romans 14
Wednesday: Genesis 43-45
Thursday: Genesis 46-48, Romans 15
Friday: Genesis 49-50, Romans 16
Saturday: Isaiah 1-2


2 thoughts on “TTB12 Week 3

  1. Between the two chapters, there is an interplay that has spoken to me. It has given me major signs for my personal life. And that is God’s purpose.

    After getting these major messages early in the week, I thought (for a moment… or two) that it might be ok to quit reading; after all, I already got some major feedback from my Savior! But then I realized God wants to keep talking to us. Not just once.

    So now it’s a no-brainer for me. I imagine God knocking at my door for a cup of tea and a few minutes of my time just to hang out. How can I not answer that door?

    Thanks Elizabeth.

  2. I love the way you put that, about God knocking at your door for a cup of tea. It’s so true – He wants a daily friendship with us! It’s so amazing to realize that over and over again. Keep at it! We’ve only just begun this amazing journey through His Word!

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