Weekly Bible Reading & TTB12 Wk5

Well we finished Genesis last week and jumped right into Isaiah this week. I don’t know about you, but I’m sure thankful for my study Bible… even with the study notes it’s still sometimes hard to follow the specifics of who is being judged for what and when it’s taking place. But I love that, reading through Mark, we find some of those prophesies referenced (as we do in the other gospels as well). I love how the whole Bible fits together perfectly. How it quotes itself, showing not just the prophecy but also the fulfillment of that prophecy, and even the repercussions of that fulfillment.

I think the biggest thing I’ve gleaned from this past week’s reading is that our God is faithful and just. He does what He says He will do. He hates wickedness, and pride, and rebellion, and faithfully punishes those things. He loves righteousness, and obedience, and humility, and faithfully commends and rewards those things. He is a just God, a fair Judge. He does not overlook sin, and for that we should be thankful…. because if He did, then He would not be judging fairly or consistently, and we would not know what to expect. But Scripture is very clear about what He hates and what He loves, and the consequences of each. And He still hates the same things today as He did way back in Isaiah’s time. And He loves the same things. He is faithful and unchanging! In a world that is constantly unstable and unpredictable, He is always the same. He is our Rock who does not move, our Fortress whose walls are unpenetrable. With Him is no variation or even the slightest hint of change!

So that’s what God showed me through His Word this past week. How about you? What have you learned or been reminded of? How has God drawn you closer to Himself through the reading of His Word? What has He shown you about Himself? It doesn’t matter what plan you’re following or what book you’re going through for your devotional time, I’d love to read about how God is teaching you through your time in His Word!

And if you’re doing the Blended Plan for TTB12, here’s next week’s schedule:

Sunday: Isaiah 20-22
Monday: Isaiah 23-24
Tuesday: Isaiah 26-27, Mark 6
Wednesday: Isaiah 28-29
Thursday: Isaiah 30-31, Mark 7
Friday: Isaiah 32-33, Mark 8
Saturday: Isaiah 34-36



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  1. Just checking in…
    Yes it is hard for me too to keep track of and remember who is who now.
    Never having studied the Bible except for piecemeal, open-to-random-page-and-point-a-finger, or memorized random scriptures that spoke to me, it seems hard to skip around. Also, I got behind this week for a few days, and thought maybe it was because I felt a little lost, but then I decided to let this plan lead me where it will.

    I enjoyed coming across parables I never studied before, like the mustard seed, etc. These are speaking to me. And I did notice the prophecies in Isaiah being played out in Mark. Neat!

    Thanks Elizabeth.

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