Book Review: Lord, Teach Us to Pray

“Though in its beginnings prayer is so simple
that the feeble child can pray,
yet it is at the same time the highest and holiest
work to which man can rise.”

Every once in a while, you need something to add intensity and renewed vigor to your prayer life. At least I do. This time, I found that inspiration in Andrew Murray’s classic work, Lord, Teach Us To Pray.

It’s a short book, with only four major sections, each of which can easily be read in one sitting. Murray’s works can sometimes be dry or hard to follow, but I found this book to be surprisingly easy to keep up with.

The entire book focuses on two specific passages of Scripture: John 4:23-24, where Christ speaks of worshiping the Father in spirit and truth; and Matthew 6:6-13, when Christ teaches the disciples how to pray. Each section includes definitions, instruction, and applications for its respective verse(s). Murray covers things like why Christ is the perfect teacher of prayer, what the freedom of worshiping in spirit means to us, how we are to trust and wait for God’s answer and provision for our needs, why it is so significant that we can address God as ourFather, and how we can personalize the well-known Lord’s Prayer in our own individual prayer time.

Lord, Teach Us To Pray is the best work on prayer I have read in a while, and would highly recommend it. It’s free right now for the Kindle (anything better than free?), and not too expensive for the hard-copy version. It was a definite help in ordering my thoughts about prayer, and giving me truths to meditate on. It is applicable to both prayer for own needs as well as intercessory prayer.


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  1. Thanks for the recommendation! Our church’s focus this year is prayer. 😉

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