He Alone is God (TTB12 Week 7)

What stood out to you this week in your Bible reading?
For me, it was one statement that got repeated over.and over.and over.again:

I am God, and there is no other.
I am the Lord, and there is none like me.

You know how they say that “repetition aids learning”… Well, this one statement was repeated at least 6 times in just 1 chapter last week (Isaiah 45). I guess God wanted Israel to realize that there was truly none like Him. And since we have this same Word in front of us today, He must want us to also realize and meditate on the truth that He alone is God, and there is absolutely no one else like Him.

“To whom will you liken me and make me equal,
and compare me, that we may be alike?”

(Isaiah 46:5)

Nothing we can imagine, no ruler or power that we could ever experience on earth, no spiritual force that exists in the supernatural realm, could even begin to compare themselves with our God. He alone is the Creator of all. He alone is the true Savior of man. He alone can redeem us and salvage our broken spirits and make us whole. He alone knows the end from the beginning.

“And there is no other god besides me,
a righteous God and a Savior; there is none besides me.

(Isaiah 45:21)

If He says something that many times, don’t you think we ought to pay attention to it? Shouldn’t we wonder and pray over whether that truth is manifested in our own lives? Is God really the only God of our life? Is He alone the one we live for, aim to please, and seek to exalt? Is there anything at all that we put before Him? It could be a relationship, a dream or goal, a mindset or set of expectations, an activity or way of spending our time, a possession or financial state. Anything at all.

“That people may know,
from the rising of the sun and from the west,
that there is none besides me;
I am the LORD, and there is no other.”

(Isaiah 45:6).

That’s what I’ve been chewing on from this week’s banquet of Scripture. What about you? What has nourished your soul, left you filling full and satisfied – or left you thirsty and desperate for more? What has God shown you through your own time in His Word? Please share!

And for those reading the Blended Plan, here is next week’s schedule:

Sunday: Isaiah 53-55, Mark 13
Monday: Isaiah 56-58
Tuesday: Isaiah 59-61
Wednesday: Isaiah 62-64, Mark 14
Thursday: Isaiah 65-66, Mark 15
Friday: Exodus 1-3
Saturday: Exodus 4-6


1 thought on “He Alone is God (TTB12 Week 7)

  1. Beautifully put. Through His word He has shown me that I can rise above the trivial and have high expectations, as He does for me. And also that there is another mindset that is attainable if we only remember to be diligent in our study of His word. He truly does separate us from the world, lifts us up, and gives us another outlook. So glad I stopped by. Have a great week! ~Lori

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