TTB12 Week 9

I apologize for my lack of posts this week. There’s been a few things going on here and my energy has been really low. Which is it again today… so this will be short and sweet.

I delved into Exodus and 1 Thessalonians this week. A lot of familiar passages about Moses and the Israelites. A lot of reminders of God’s patience and faithfulness towards His chosen people. And to think He loves us Gentile believers just as much!

It was good to read over the giving of the Ten Commandments again. You understand them in a different way as an adult than you do in fourth grade Sunday school. You see more applications for each of God’s commands. It was also good to read some of the practical commands given by Paul to the Thessalonian believers. Things like encouraging each other with the words of God. Like rejoicing and praying and giving thanks at all times for all things. God has truly made it clear to us how we are to live – do we really have any excuse for not doing these things?

So what reminders did you have this week? What did God show you about Himself? It would be a blessing to read how God is teaching each of you through your time with Him… please share!


For those reading the Blended Plan, here is next week’s schedule:

Sunday: Exodus 23-24, 2 Thessalonians 2
Monday: Exodus 25-26, 2 Thessalonians 3
Tuesday: Exodus 27-28, Philemon 1
Wednesday: Exodus 29-30, James 1
Thursday: Exodus 31-33, James 2
Friday: Exodus 34-35, James 3
Saturday: Exodus 36-38, James 4

2 thoughts on “TTB12 Week 9

  1. Just read a thoughtful essay on one of my favorite books, 1 Corinthians… and it made me really consider how I much patience I have in my life and if I’m as patient with myself as I am with others.

  2. The Lord has been impressing upon my heart that, “He is Love,” so many different times and in so many varied ways the last few weeks.

    Thank you for your thoughts on these bits, Elizabeth. Valuable.

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