Quick Poll: Daily Devotions

Would you take a moment to answer a few questions for me?

I am experimenting with different times of day for my own devotions, and looking for ideas! Feel free to share comments about the time you choose and why you do it then.

Also, do you read or study during your devotions? Do you have a plan that incorporates both of those? Do you alternate the two? Or something else?

I want to improve the quality and quantity of my time with God – but I need some ideas. So I would love to hear YOUR thoughts on having an effective devotional time with God!


3 thoughts on “Quick Poll: Daily Devotions

  1. In the am before work but after family are off for their day. I usually do a specific study from my WOW group. (Women of the Word) I journal first, listing praises from the previous day, then specific prayers for my immediate family. Then I usually write out to God what is on my heart or mind. That may be a song, question or processing a concern or situation that I am seeking the Holy Spirit’s insight on.

    Then I begin my Bible study, usually abit of cross-referencing, more questions or a verse or thought that I feel is my “take-away” for that day. Then I go to my prayer time I will admit I have 3 – 4 prayer lists. One is my daily prayer list, another for missionaries, our Pastoral Search team and then people who are on my heart for salvation. I love when I see God answer the specific requests from missionaries or others who let me know how Christ is working in their life.

    Some of my favorite devotionals are “My Utmost for His Highest”, “Jesus Calling” and “Faith is not a Feeling” anything by Sidlow Baxter.

    Elizabeth, sorry this is so long but lately learning to see God throughout my day and keeping up a continual conversation with Him seem to be His latest lesson for me.
    Aunt Susan

  2. To answer your question i have always kept God as my focus He is i control of everything that we do in our daily living.I pray all the time while walking the dogs and sometimes just sitting in the kitchen. I pray that God will help me with employment and other issues that come my way and that I will do the right thing.I also pray for family and friends and I have prayed for those being rushed to the hospital and that God will be with them.i pray when the Holy Spirit touches me with something to pray for.My devontional time isn’t nessecarly with the bible but with God Him self i feel so much connection with God in everything that I do and always trying to be a better person.I hope that this has helped you in some way. Couisn Lizzie

  3. Thank you both for your responses. Liz, I agree that prayer throughout the entire day is a wonderful thing. I try to do that as well, and I notice such a difference in my attitude when I do.

    Aunt Susan, I like your journaling idea. I have yet to figure out a journaling format that works for me, but I may try yours. It seems like it would add depth and quality to the devotional time.

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