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There’s a lot of information available on the web. A lot of good, and a lot of bad. And a whole lot of in between. But I want to start noting the good and the great so I can share it with you. I want to get to know my neighbors of the blogging world, and introduce them to you. I want to venture outside my little blogging street and take you along for the ride.

So my plan is to start sharing notable posts with you on a somewhat regular basis. {Notice I didn’t say on a scheduled or weekly basis. I’m all about flexibility.} For today, I’ve got five places I’d love for you to visit. And you don’t even have to pack your suitcase to get there!

The Humility of God – firstfire
Have you ever considered whether God is humble? What about how His humility relates to His need for praise and glory? A. Carroll Crowe muses about how these things are intertwined: “…I found the idea of God’s glory uncomfortable. If we were supposed to do everything to God’s glory, did that mean He wanted us to praise Him all the time? And if we were supposed to praise Him all the time, did that make God guilty of pride–the sin that got Lucifer thrown from heaven?” 

A Wisdom Giveaway – Joy-Filled Days
Sarah shares an interview with Christian author Lydia Brownback, and offers a chance to win Lydia’s newest release,  A Woman’s Wisdom: How the Book of Proverbs Speaks to Everything. I have not read any of her other books yet, but Sarah has excellent taste and this particular book looks extremely helpful to us women on our path to wisdom and godliness. Go enter to win it!

5 Disciplines-Week 4-The Mind – Women Living Well
So far in the 5 Weeks-5 Disciplines-5 Challenges series on Women Living Well, we have looked at how to discipline our bodies, our time, and our spirits. And this week is all about disciplining the mind. About simplifying our thoughts, getting rid of “brain clutter” and muddled thinking. Not only is there a great quote from Elisabeth Elliot, but Courtney asks quite a few thought-provoking questions in her weekly challenge about how to break free from the “disorder of the unnecessary.”

The Virtue of Self-Control – The Time-Warp Wife
We’ve all studied Proverbs 31 at one time or another, I’m sure, and most of us have probably wondered how on earth we’re supposed to be her. The Time-Warp Wife offers a great perspective on the one constant in every verse that most of us probably overlook: her effort. It’s not necessarily about getting up a certain time or buying a specific field, but about making the effort to live a certain way.

7 Pet Peeves about Worship Music in Church – To Love, Honor, and Vacuum
Sheila makes the point that “we’re in church to encounter God, not to be entertained.” And along with that truth, she offers seven things we ought to consider as we think about the music used in our local churches. This post is not just for music directors and song leaders; it’s a good read for all of us who regularly attend a local church {and I hope that means you!}.

Have you read any great posts lately? Share them in the comments!


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