Are you losing power?

Are you missing out on the greatest source of power?

There is a power source available to us that’s so dynamic, so compelling, it’s like a dream-come-true. It provides a way to feed you, keep you clean, satisfy your cravings, fight your battles, destroy your enemies, protect you, direct you, help you grow and mature…

And yet we ignore this power source! We refuse to use it, for whatever the reason. We reject it, pretend it doesn’t exist, shrug our shoulders at it.

But why?

The Bible is so clear about the scope and intensity of its power! Take a look at what types of power it offers us:

Lamp and light, which guide and direct – Psalm 119:105
Fire and hammer, which destroy false teaching – Jeremiah 23:29
Milk and meat, which feed and satisfy – 1 Corinthians 3:2; 1 Peter 2:2
Water, which cleans and purifies – Ephesians 5:26
Sword, which protects and defends – Ephesians 6:17
Two-edged sword, which convicts and disciplines – Hebrews 4:12
Mirror, which shows us what needs to change – James 1:23-25

God’s Word is the absolute greatest source of power we could ever imagine. Greater, even! But we choose not to utilize it. We throw it on a shelf and let it collect dust, only picking it up for church on Sunday. Or maybe not even then. Or perhaps we do pick it up and even open it – but we skim through its words just to get it done and checked off our to-do lists.

Do you realize how much power you might be missing out on? It’s like putting every light in your house on a dimmer switch, and never pushing any of those switches all the way on. You’d be in the dark half the time! And you’d be unproductive, unmotivated, and unenergized. Because darkness inhibits productivity – both physically and spiritually.

And even if you think you’re doing pretty good, even if you’re reading every day and maybe really studying the Word – you can still improve. Because we’ll never be perfect until we reach heaven. And we’ll never know God’s Word perfectly, or understand it completely, until we reach heaven.

So I’d say every single one of us has some way to improve in this area (myself included). What do you think?

Will you join me in challenging yourself to draw more power from the Word this week? Spend more quality time reading and studying the Bible? Spend more of your energies applying its truth? Make it specific: choose a length of time, or number of chapters, that you want to read. Or a specific topic you feel like you should study. Or a certain area (thought life, anyone?) you need to apply Scripture to more frequently.

Write it down. Share it with someone, so you’re accountable.

Me? I’m just starting to use a journal in my devotions, and it really helps me focus better (how can I write something down if I’m not focused on what I’m reading?). So my goal for this week is to journal every day, for both my TTB12 reading and my Proverbs 31 study. Yep, it will take some effort, especially the days I have to be out for a while. But the effort is worth it! Think of the power you’ll have access to… the strength and intensity of God’s Word that will be working in and through you, as you spend more time with Him!

For the word of God is living and active,
sharper than any two-edged sword,
piercing to the division of soul and of spirit,
of joints and of marrow,
and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart.

Hebrews 4:12

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