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This brand new site (by The Time-Warp Wife) carries the slogan “Affordable Christian ebooks at your fingertips.” And it lives up to its name! Every single book listed is $2.99 or less; some are even free. The list includes Christian classics, Christian fiction, inspirational/devotional books, and Christian living.


Stepping Heavenward– Elizabeth Prentiss
Hinds’ Feet On High Places – Hannah Hurnard

Stepping Heavenward is a journal-like account of a girl-turning-woman. It starts on her sixteenth birthday, and chronicles her life for several decades. But don’t think it’s monotonous or anything… Kate leads a charmed life until her father suddenly passes away, and then she comes face-to-face with her own mortality. The book is full of thought-provoking passages, and spiritual exhortation. And it’s one of my favorites! 🙂

Hinds’ Feet On High Places is an allegory about a girl named Much-Afraid and her journey from the Valley of Fear to the High Places. Basically, it chronicles the life of a Christian from the point of spiritual birth to the place of spiritual maturity. In a way, it’s similar to Pilgrim’s Progress, but a lot easier to understand and apply. For instance, when the Shepherd commands Much-Afraid to take a path that leads away from her destination (the High Places) – she, of course, questions and hesitates before finally obeying. She suffers greatly along that path, but finds in the end that the Shepherd was right in leading her that way. She learns to trust Him, even when it hurts and her way is hard. Sound applicable?

Both of these books, though fiction, would be wonderful additions to your devotional time! I found myself much enriched spiritually by their admonitions and exhortations. If you haven’t read either of them, you should!


Building a Life Out of Words – Shawn Smucker

“Sometimes the hardest days become perfect launching points into new and previously uncharted territory.” And that’s the whole point of this short ebook: how desperation breeds creativity. Shawn Smucker shares his journey from being broke and miserable, to the desperate struggle to make a living doing what he loves (writing). And it’s an adventure, to say the least.

Don’t be fooled by the focus on writing: his major points apply to just about anyone in a transition period. Maybe you’re trying to start your own business, or market a product on your own. Maybe you’re looking for a way to start doing what you love full-time – and still survive. Maybe you just need some motivation to keep doing what you currently do.

Shawn writes from a Christian perspective (although it’s not meant to be “spiritual” in nature), and is so inspiring for anyone in trying to break into something new. Or just anyone, period.

(And thanks to Modern Mrs. Darcy who first made me aware of the book, in her Ultimate Beach Reading Guide. Subscribe to her site to get the Guide for free!)


Booksneeze and Blogging for Books

If you’re a blogger, you definitely want to check out these two sites. They both offer free books to bloggers, in exchange for posting a review on your blog and on one public site (like Amazon)! I’ve been using Booksneeze for a while, but I just discovered the other site. I’m excited to have a few options available for more great books! Also, they both offer books in paper and electronic versions – and they have plenty of variety in their titles!

How about you? I’d love to hear what you’re reading!!

Note: This post contains my affiliate links.


3 thoughts on “More Great Reads

  1. Elizabeth, I’m so glad you liked Shawn’s book!

    I’ve been meaning to read Hinds’ Feet on High Places for 15 years or so. Maybe I should put it on my summer list? (Yes, yes I should.)

    And that picture up top? Hysterical 🙂

    1. Yes, you should definitely put it on your list! 🙂

  2. Definitely going to check out Building a Life Out of Words – transition is HERE and it’s not going away!

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