S.O.A.P. Method and a New Feature!

DogFur and Dandelions is rolling out a new feature!

We’re starting a weekly link-up to share about your devotions. Feel free to answer any or all of these in a blog post, then link it up at the bottom. Or, if you don’t have a blog, share your reflections in the comment section!

1. What did you read that might encourage the rest of us?

2. What observations do you have from your Bible reading?

3. What has the Spirit encouraged you to apply personally?

And if you don’t feel like you’re getting much out of your devotions, here’s a suggestion: try the S.O.A.P. method. I just started using it a few weeks ago, and it’s made a huge difference in my focus, understanding, and internalization of God’s Word! All you need is your Bible and a journal. Here’s a quick guide to doing the S.O.A.P. method:

S. stands for Scripture: Read through your daily reading. Write down a few verses that stand out to you, either word-for-word or paraphrasing. This really helps you focus, since you can’t write something down if you’re not paying attention to it!

O. stands for Observation: Write a brief summary of what the passage was about. Include whatever truths about God, or man, you noticed in the passage. Also include any principles for godly living that were explained or described.

A. stands for Application: Write down your response to the passage. How do these verses, and principles, apply to you personally, at this time in your life? Who can you identify with in the passage? What commands or promises do you see, that you need to personalize and apply?

P. stands for Prayer: Write a prayer that includes whatever you gleaned from the day’s reading. Praise God for how He showed Himself to you. Ask Him to help you change whatever you were convicted about. You might also include your intercession for others at this time, praying that the same truths would be applied in their lives. For instance, if you were convicted about being obedient to God – praise Him for His forgiveness and mercies, ask Him to help you be more faithful and diligent in obeying His Word, and intercede for your family/friends to remain obedient to Him.

So let’s edify one another through our words! Testify about God’s goodness in your life, or His Spirit’s guidance in your heart. Share what you’ve learned, or what you’ve been reminded of this week. Offer a verse that encouraged you, so others might be encouraged too. It may be just what they need to hear, to keep from becoming weary or falling into sin! You never know how God will use your words, so share them!

And feel free to grab the button and share on your blog, so others can find us too:

Also, for those following along with the TTB12 Blended Reading plan, here is next week’s schedule:

Sunday: Jeremiah 34-36
Monday: Jeremiah 37-39
Tuesday: Jeremiah 40-42
Wednesday: Jeremiah 43-46, Matthew 27
Thursday: Jeremiah 46-47, Matthew 28
Friday: Jeremiah 48-49, Philippians 1
Saturday: Jeremiah 50, Philippians 2 


So what are you learning?



6 thoughts on “S.O.A.P. Method and a New Feature!

  1. God’s plan for us is not simply to improve us, making us better people. His plan is to inhabit us. We — believers–are the means to display God’s character in this world. That’s an awesome responsibility & privilege. Gal. 5:22-23 Lots to ponder!

    1. That’s a great thought, Catherine. We’re not just to have a “good” life but a changed one.

  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    I use the Life Journal and SOAP method. I have had the journal for some time, but only gotten serious about it this year. I love the method. I pray before I start, asking the LORD to show me new insights about him. My specific prayer is that I will grow in intimacy with Him. Then, I look for words or phrases that jump out at me. I underline in my Bible what jumps out. Then, I write out those words, phrases and/or scriptures, and just have a free flow of ideas during the O. and A. section. I have been so amazed to see where God has led me in that process. Recently, I was led on a word study of the words clothe, clothes and clothed {related to Psalm 30 – which I use as the tagline for my blog}. So amazing to see how the words are transformed from Genesis to Revelation. I love God’s Word, it is truly active. I hope you are enjoying your journey using the SOAP method.

    1. Hi Jana! Thanks for stopping by!
      I am unfamiliar with the Life Journal… what is it?

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