Our Story, Part 2: My First ‘Yes’

If you missed Part 1 of our story, find it here.

I’d just gotten whacked over the head with a virtual 2×4. I’d found the guy I wanted to discuss theology with for the rest of my life. But I had to wait for him to catch up… so here’s part 2 of our amazing love story.

Our Love Story, Part 2
One of our first ‘official’ dates – a concert on campus.

I’m kind of old-fashioned. I’ve always wanted the guy to take the lead – asking me out, saying ‘I love you’, initiating the first kiss. So even though I was pretty sure this was “the” guy for me, I waited.

By that point in the semester, we were heading home for Christmas break. I think we talked on the phone once during the break, to make arrangements for him to get me at the airport when I flew back in January. But when we got back to school, we picked up right where we’d left off. We met for lunch and went to church together, we talked on instant messenger almost every night, we discussed history and theology and the western USA, and we hiked through the foothills of the Appalachians with friends.

In fact, we have a funny hiking story that fits perfectly into the sequence of events: we were hiking in February 2005, with a group of friends, and decided to go off the trail to see a waterfall. Well, me being the graceful hiker that I am {ahem}… I tripped on a tree root. And starting rolling down the hill. And would have continued rolling — except James was standing there in his work boots, blocking my path. And so I landed at his feet! {I also had a bruise on my stomach for a week, from his steel-toed boots.} Not too obvious or anything, right? 😉

But he still hadn’t asked me on an official date!

And when another guy asked me to be his date for a concert – completely just as friends – I accepted. And that’s when James realized he needed to clarify his intentions with me.

So one evening in March 2005, as he brought me some orange juice after getting off work {something he did frequently — orange juice was another big thing for me}, he asked if I wanted to start officially dating. And I said yes. And then I couldn’t sleep that night…

Our friendship grew, and our care for each other. We had stricter standards than many couples, due to the university we attended and our parents’ wishes. But we enjoyed each other’s company even without all the physical intimacy, for the rest of our junior year and into the summer, when we both stayed to work at the university.

Then our senior year came, and our adventures really began. James ended up staying home that year, working long hours, and staying in touch by phone {this was before facebook, twitter, or constant text messages}. We were committed to staying together, but it was really rough. I went to all the senior parties and celebrations by myself. We were apart on Valentine’s Day and on our birthdays.

That was when we really started learning that love is a choice – not just an emotion.
Love is hard work sometimes!

But fast-forward a year. We made it through that long-distance school year, visited each other’s homes for the first time; and I graduated, and he came back for his final year of undergrad. I was working at the university, and he was working and studying, so we were able to see other sporadically – mostly I’d make him supper, and then we’d go to the library so he could study.

And then Christmas was around the corner, and we made plans for him to visit my home in Massachusetts. We were already talking marriage – we knew it was our desire and seemed to be God’s plan for us. And we’d looked at rings one time. We knew we were getting married… but I had no idea when he’d actually propose.

Up next, why I didn’t say yes… or did I? Click through to read more about our love story, including the proposal and the wedding!

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