Weekend News Edition: great links & updates

This past week was another one full of great posts! But first, I have an exciting announcement for you…

Drumroll, please!

I’m working on an e-book! And it’s going to be offered free to all my subscribers {ie, if you read this via email or RSS feed}. Right now, I’ve compiled 30 post-excerpts from this blog, and they all have to do with worry, trust, contentment in trials, and changing your thoughts to please God. Stay tuned on facebook for more updates… and a chance to help me with some final details!

And now for some great reading material! First, some fun giveaways.

Housewarming & Giveaways – the Chuppies

The Chuppies just unveiled their brand new website, and are celebrating with some awesome giveaways. Stuff like book sets, wooden decor letters, photography, and a children’s Bible training kit. It ends Monday, so make sure you get over there soon!

Who’s Afraid & a Giveaway – Barefoot Hippie Girl

Barefoot Hippie Girl is celebrating her first 100 followers… and she’s offering some super-fun barefoot giveaways. Like OPI nail polish, sugar scrub, a toe ring, and a few other goodies. Her giveaway also ends Monday – so guess what you should do this weekend? Along with the giveaway, she offers a thought-provoking comparison between 2 of television’s favorite women: June Cleaver and Lucy Ricardo.

Easy to Miss – Choosing Joy Daily

Are you missing out on the blessings in your life? They’re right there, you know. Sometimes they’re right in front of you. And when you hit a difficult chapter in your life, it’s imperative that you see those blessings – or else you’ll end up wallowing in self-pity and discouragement. Even if those blessings are crepe myrtle trees in Lynchburg, VA.

Choosing Your Mentors – Joy-Filled Days

There’s a lot of people out there in the world who make really good role models. Good mentors. But there’s also a lot who don’t. How do you tell the difference? Sarah, from Joy-Filled Days, offers 9 ways to choose a good mentor. Or, I suppose, how to be a good mentor. And she also wants to know what you would put as number 10 on the list.

The Gospel and the Guilt-Ridden Mom – My Home Tableau

Whether you’re a mom or not {I’m not}, is there some role in your life that you feel “doesn’t measure up” to the standard you want to achieve? Johanna offers a solution to the guilt that comes from our own imperfections and short-comings. As moms or anything else in life. She says that we don’t have to feel guilty, because those roles do not define us. And she’s right.

On Hostessing and Your House is Only as Big – (in)courage

My house is too small to entertain. We only have 4 kitchen chairs. The table is too small to put any serving dishes on it. We don’t have extra seating in the living room. Our sofa cover has pulls from the puppy’s nails. There’s spots on the carpet. The popcorn ceiling is falling apart, and it has a couple funky-shaped water spots {there’s even one that looks like Pooh Bear’s head}. Did I mention that we’re renting, so we can’t put much money into fixing things up? Can you relate to any of that? Then you need to read these two posts.


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  1. Thank you for sharing my post, and the giveaway!=)

  2. What exciting news!!!

  3. Way to go on the ebook!

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