Weekly LinkUp: what are you learning?

This will be short and sweet – because we are busy celebrating our 5th anniversary!! And if you missed the amazing story of how my husband & I met, started dating, got engaged, and finally got married – make sure you check it out!

I also wanted to give you a chance to linkup your posts from the week – or leave a comment – with whatever you’ve been learning from God’s Word. Let’s encourage each other, and build each other up with the Word of God.

{And feel free to copy & paste the “What Are You Learning?” button onto your own blog, so others can find us too!}

For those interested, I’m reading through YouVersion’s Blended Plan in 2012.
Join me if you want! Here’s the reading schedule for next week:

Sunday: Obadiah 1, Acts 8
Monday: Ruth 1-4
Tuesday: Psalm 1-3
Wednesday: Psalm 4-6, Acts 9
Thursday: Psalm 7-9
Friday: Psalm 10-13, Acts 10
Saturday: Psalm 13-15, Acts 11