Who is God?

I’m reading through Psalms right now, and am thoroughly enjoying it. The other day I read Psalm 18, a favorite of mine since high school. I love how it shows so many aspects of who God is… and especially portrays Him as a refuge, a champion for His people, and a rescuer.

Here are some things about God that I underlined in this chapter:

  • He is our strength.
  • He is our rock and our fortress and our refuge.
  • He is our deliverer.
  • He is our shield and our stronghold.
  • He is worthy of our praise.
  • He hears us when we cry to Him.
  • He rescues us.
  • He delights in us.
  • He rewards our righteousness.
  • He is merciful, blameless, and pure.
  • He is our light.
  • He is perfect.
  • He gives us security.
  • He is gentle.
  • He equips us with strength.
  • He lives.
  • He is to be exalted.
  • He is our salvation.

Does that give you a better idea of who your heavenly Father really is? Does it make you want to know Him more, get closer to Him? He delights in you! He loves you. And there is absolutely no one else that can compare to Him.

So if you’re wondering what God is really like, if you want to get to know Him a little better, spend some quality time with this chapter. Take it out for coffee. Read it and re-read it – the way you would a cherished love letter. Let it be your close companion when you get up in the morning, while you go through your day, before you go to sleep at night. Be filled to overflowing with its truth about our God.

What’s your favorite Psalm? 

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3 thoughts on “Who is God?

  1. My favorite is Psalm 37, but I did just read this Psalm yesterday. It is amazing.
    Verse 34 says that He teacheth my hands to war so that a bow of bronze is broken my mine arms. I think in my head, “bow of bronze broken by my biceps.”=) Okay, is that terrible, or what?=)

  2. I love this. Psalm 18 has always been my favorite. 🙂

  3. […] 18, which I posted about last week, tells us more about God. Psalm 19 tells us more about His words. So take some time with both […]

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