Book Review: Full Disclosure

I have one complaint about Full Disclosure: it left me wanting more. Other than that, I absolutely LOVED this new book by Dee Henderson.

Wait, what’s that? You didn’t know she had a new book out? Well, I guess that’s because it’s not out yet… I was privileged to receive an Advanced Reader’s Copy in exchange for sharing my review of it. And being a huge Dee Henderson fan, I jumped at the opportunity.

Full Disclosure

Full Disclosure was full of surprises and unpredictable twists. When I started reading, I didn’t realize I would see some of the O’Malley clan again. Kate and Dave play minor roles, and all the others are mentioned at least once throughout the book.

Ann, main character number 1, is a long-time close friend of Kate O’Malley. She is a small-town cop (among other things) who has a federal-level case land on her desk. And she passes that case along to Paul, FBI agent, and the other major character. And then there’s Black, the hilarious real-to-life dog (who reminded me of our own dog at times).

Of course, being a Dee Henderson novel, you know that Ann and Paul will end up together. The big question mark is how it will happen, and what challenges they’ll face along the way.

{Side note: I usually loathe reading about romance, but Dee does a pretty fantastic job of making it realistic and interesting. It’s not another “Amish love story” sort of thing – my husband even enjoys her books!}

And of course, there’s all the suspense of the law enforcement stuff. This book has two major cases to keep you intrigued… and intrigued I was. Let’s just say, the ending was totally not what I expected!

But, aside from the realistic interactions and suspenseful storyline, I think my favorite thing about Full Disclosure was that it gave me so many glimpses of Dee herself. I won’t ruin it for you, but there’s a lot of things about Ann that make it seem somewhat autobiographical. And Dee herself says that they share quite a few likes and personality traits.

Full Disclosure won’t be released until October 2, but you can visit the Facebook page for a chance to win a signed copy, read a free excerpt about Jennifer O’Malley, and access lots of other fun freebies! You can also pre-order it from Amazon.


QUESTION for YOU: Do you like Dee Henderson’s books? What’s your favorite?


Disclaimer #1: I received this book for free in exchange for sharing an honest review.
Disclaimer #2: This post also contains my affiliate links.
Disclaimer #3: I don’t normally post reviews of fiction books – but Dee Henderson is one author I consistently enjoy and wholeheartedly recommend.


5 thoughts on “Book Review: Full Disclosure

  1. I’ve never read anything of hers. You have my interest piqued.

    1. If you like clean fiction that has suspense, relationships, and realistic talk about God – then yes, you should read her stuff! Try something from the O’Malley series first, if you can.

  2. I LOVE Dee Henderson! Can’t wait to read it. 🙂

  3. This post was a surprise–I had begun to think that Dee Henderson was no longer writing. I don’t always enjoy mysteries–sometimes they focus so much on action that the human element seems to be missing–but Henderson balances suspense and character development nicely. I enjoyed her O’Malley series.

    1. I forget where I read it, but apparently she had a major neck injury that kept her from doing much the past few years. I think it’s been 5 or 6 years since her last book. But she’s already working on the next one 🙂

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