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I would usually be sharing a devotional thought with you today. But I have some exciting news to share, and thought I would combine the two things.

You see, I write poetry. And one place that has been especially influential in encouraging my poetic musings is Poetic BloomingsAnd today they’re sharing an interview they did with me. So you should go read it! 🙂

I find poetry provides a way for me to express emotions that I can’t otherwise explain. And it gives me a great way to describe the joys and hopes of the Christian life. I love writing about our Redeemer’s love, His care for all of creation, the beauty He gives us each day, and the gentle ways He guides through everything.

For instance, a few weeks ago I was feeling burdened about a few things. I was in need of Hi reassurance. I needed His light to show me the way, His peace to calm my heart. And He encouraged me with Jeremiah 33:3, which says:

“Call to me and I will answer you,
and will tell you great and hidden things
that you have not known.”


And I wrote my heart’s response to His Word in a short poem (a variation of the shadorma, which is based on syllable counts):

need. And
I plead with heart-tears,
it throbs with
passionate grief. And
He hears, and answers, and gives.


Here are some of my other devotional poems that I’ve previously shared. And I’d love for you to visit my poetry blog, Dandelion Digest.


QUESTIONS for YOU: Do you write poetry? Is it online anywhere? Share a link in the comment section… I’d love to read it!


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4 thoughts on “Devotions & Poetry

  1. Thank you so much for letting us pry into your world, Elizabeth!
    Hugs! ~ Marie Elena

    1. You are SO welcome Marie! Thanks again for this privilege!

  2. Thanks for your post.
    Here’s the latest bit of poetry I’ve written –

  3. I don’t write poetry – but I like to read it! Thanks for sharing a bit of yours. Headed to read your interview, superstar.

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