March 13, 2018

Be Yourself! (News Edition)


Book Tidbits:

♦ In case you missed it, I released my first ebook last Friday! It’s called Trust. Hope. Rejoice. and it’s a 30-day devotional about dealing with life’s difficulties. Find out how to get your FREE copy here.

♦ And another brand new ebook, this one by Anne Bogel — Work Shift: How to create a better blend of work, life, and family. Read my review here.

♦ Best thing I’ve read about writing lately: The 11 Secrets of Getting Published by Mary DeMuth. If you’re even remotely interested in getting published, you should definitely read this.

♦ Also, if you enjoy hearing about great books, check out my friend’s new blog: The Deliberate ReaderBecause great books shouldn’t be hard to find.


Blog Tidbits:

♥ How to help a friend who’s miscarried by Choosing Joy Daily
My friend just had a miscarriage a few weeks ago, and she has been sharing about her experience on her blog. This post especially spoke to me – since I’ve never gone through that, and am not always sure how to encourage someone going through it. But Catherine offers some very practical ways to help a friend grieving through this kind of loss.

♥ For when you’re spiraling downward by Joy-Filled Days
“Let go of being right. Let go of being wronged.” Sarah once again shares some wise perspective on {not} letting problems control your life. On not being consumed by the wrong priorities. On trusting and embracing God’s NOW for your life.

♥ Creativity: a key component to fulfillment by My Home Tableau
Do you realize that you can be creative no matter what your “day job” is? Do you realize that you need to be creative? Johanna offers some great thoughts on creativity, why we should be practicing it regularly, and how to work it into our lives. 

♥ Wall vinyl giveaway by Creative Savings
Kayln is hosting a giveaway for a vinyl expression like the one pictured below! She also shares a tutorial of how to put it all together. Very fun, and if you like it, make sure you enter before Sunday at 10 PM!


Up & Coming:

Next week I’ll be kicking off a guest post series, and I’m so excited about it!! I believe an important aspect of blogging is building community, forming new relationships and encouraging each other through life’s up’s and down’s.

And though I frequently share individual posts with you, that I think you might enjoy or benefit from, I would love you to meet some of the bloggers behind those posts. So I’ve asked several of them if they would share a little about their blogs.

But it’s not just about them! They’re also going to offer a tip to help you in YOUR everyday life. Because that’s what community is all about, isn’t it? About sharing experiences and learning from each other. About getting to know each other, and using your strengths to help each other out.

So stay tuned for some great posts…


Things I’m Thankful for This Week:

  • new mercies every morning
  • the Piano Guys (thanks Carrie!)
  • pumpkin spice coffee
  • farmer’s markets
  • cool fresh air in the mornings
  • inspiring chats about leadership
  • excitement about future opportunities
  • friends who give kind reviews of my ebook!
  • being used by God, as I use the talents He gave me
  • meeting other Christian nonfiction authors


 Read any great articles this week? Please share!
Also, what are YOU thankful for this week?


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  1. Thank you so much for the mention! I’m very thankful I have a job to go to, and it’s a job that is fairly flexible so I am able to blog and pursue other hobbies. So many people still don’t have jobs and whenever I’m tempted to complain, I just think of them.