How to Pray for Others (part 2)

If you missed part 1, go ahead and read it first. Then come back here…

People all around us are hurting, and in need.

Some people need salvation. Some need direction, or maturity. Some need  blessings – or greater awareness of their blessings. Some need comfort or courage or confidence.

Everyone has a need, whether we can see it or not. And as Christians, it is our privilege and our responsibility to pray for those needs.

After all, if we don’t pray for them – who will?

Not only that, but as we pray it is our responsibility to focus on their true needs, not just their perceived needs. To pray not just for the physical needs of today, but the spiritual needs that will better prepare them for eternity.

Remember yesterday’s post? We need to pray less for earthly comforts, and more for eternal rewards. Just like the apostle Paul focused more on the spiritual needs than the physical, in his prayers that were recorded for us.

But perhaps something else we need to consciously do is actually stop and pray. Instead of just telling people we’ll pray for them – pray right then and there for them. Instead of merely thinking about praying for someone – actually stop and do it that same moment.

So here’s a challenge for today. Following is a list of 15 “someones” that we all probably know. Will you take the next 5 minutes to pray for someone specific in each category? If you don’t know anyone in a certain category, it’s okay to pray generally, or just pray for someone else you know.

For those who like math, that’s 20 seconds of prayer for each category. That’s pretty do-able, isn’t it?

And while it’s good to pray for their physical needs – please pray for their spiritual well-being too!

Will you join me in praying for others right now?




1. Pray for someone who is unaware of their need for salvation. Pray that their eyes would be opened to their sinfulness, and to Christ’s saving grace.

2. Pray for someone who has decidedly rejected Christ. Pray for conviction, for humility, and for tenderness towards the gospel.

3. Pray for someone who is a young or immature believer. Pray that they would have a hunger to know God’s Word, and courage to grow spiritually.

4. Pray for a someone going through difficult times. Pray that they would courage and comfort, and that they would keep focused on Jesus Christ.

5. Pray for someone going through peaceful times. Pray that they would not grow cool toward the Savior, and that they would faithfully seek Him even while life is peaceful.


6. Pray for someone who is newly married. Pray that Christ would be the focus of their lives, individually and as a couple.

7. Pray for someone who is out of work. Pray that they would be aware of God’s faithful provision every day.

8. Pray for someone suffering physically. Pray that they would learn the strength of their God, and remain thankful for what they do have.

9. Pray for someone who has lost a loved one recently. Pray for comfort, courage, and peace in God providence. Pray for spiritual growth through their time of grief.

10. Pray for someone who has an unsaved spouse. Pray that they would be gracious and humble towards their spouse, and faithful in prayer for them.


11. Pray for someone who is a new parent, or about to become one. Pray that they would be faithful in teaching their children about God, and in being a godly example for them to follow.

12. Pray for someone in the military. Pray for courage and spiritual awareness. Pray for their families to remain supportive and adaptable.

13. Pray for someone who is a leader in your church. Pray that they would remain faithful in prayer and Bible study, so that they won’t lead anyone astray.

14. Pray for someone going through a family emergency. Pray for patience in God’s timing, and for peace in His answers. Pray for comfort, courage, and confidence in His leading. Pray for wisdom. Pray for strength.

15. Pray for someone… who isn’t mentioned here!


For YOU: Thank you for praying – for storing up eternal riches that cannot decay or fade away. You’ve just helped 15 people in the best way possible. By giving them the gift of your prayers, you’ve given them more than the greatest riches of this world!

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8 thoughts on “How to Pray for Others (part 2)

  1. Great list. It’s easy to throw out a “I’ll pray for you” and then promptly forget. I like to use the epistles and just pray scripture for people. I figure even if I don’t know the details, if I’m praying scripture I can’t go wrong.

    1. That’s what I’m learning to do, Johanna. What are some favorite passages (besides Colossians 1) that you usually pray?

  2. I loved these two posts. So good. So many wonderful truths. My prayer life has changed drastically since my health problems began. I believe I finally learned how to pray for others. With not being able to sleep most nights, I use that time to pray for others. It is such a blessing and an honor. You are one that I pray for daily! ~ Catherine

    1. Insomnia can provide many hours of prayer time, can’t it? That’s when I do most of my intercessory praying. And thank YOU for your prayers, sweet friend! They are certainly appreciated 🙂

  3. […] tuned for part 2 tomorrow – and an interesting (but doable) […]

  4. I love these two posts. Thanks so much for sharing them. This one is so helpful with prompts of people to pray for; I know it brought some to mind for me that I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

    1. Glad it was helpful, Sheila. Thanks for the encouragement!

  5. God has been convicting me of my lack of quality prayer time and especially that I haven’t been praying for the lost as I should.

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