An Astounding Assemblage of Agreeable Articles

1. Just a reminder that Monday is the day to link up your Salvation Story! I can’t wait to rejoice with each of you, as you share your unique story of how God called you to Himself. I’m looking forward to being awed and amazed by the ways God chooses to save us!

2. November is coming!! And I’ve got an exciting challenge planned that I think will stretch and encourage each one who participates. Last year I challenged you to make a gratitude list, and I shared 10 things I was thankful for every day in November. This year… well, I don’t want to spill all the juicy details, but it won’t involve gratitude lists or writing something every single day. And it just might involve a fun giveaway for you! Stay tuned for details!!!

3. Have you liked DogFur and Dandelions on Facebook yet? If not, you’re missing out! I regularly share other good posts from around the web, giveaways I hear about, Kindle freebies, and encouraging Scriptures to help you through your day!


And now, for some great posts.

–> Dancing by Choosing Joy Daily
An elderly woman who used to be a business woman… and now she can’t stop dancing. How does that relate to your life? Well, you’ll just have to read and find out!

Also, while you’re there on Catherine’s site, take a moment to read her last few posts. Not only are they beautiful tributes to her Papaw, who will soon be home in Heaven, but they’re so encouraging and motivating for us, as well. And pray for their family during this time of grief, would you?


–> Painful Times by DDKay’s Blog
I just love the encouragement we can find online these days, don’t you? In this post, Mary reminds us that, even during the painful times, God is still at work. He is still walking with us; He never leaves us alone. And He is still working His perfect plan for each of our lives; He never gives up on us. Such a great reminder to keep trusting, even when we don’t understand why.


–> Simplicity of Encouragement by Lamp on a Stand
Take a moment to consider what encouragement really is. Tyanne ties the modern English word back to its Greek counterparts, and suggests that our version of encouraging one another is often too weak and watered down — that we try to merely provoke “good feelings” rather than motivate to holiness. She has some good thoughts that are worth taking time to read and pray over!


{New feature} Product of the Week:

Sampler Prints by Joy-Filled Days
Know anyone who loves antiques, or vintage decor? Sarah has created these charming 8×10 Christmas sampler prints, and is offering them on her blog for just $10. Visit her site to find out more. {Also, I hear rumors that she’s cooking up a tasty little holiday-themed ebook for us! Keep your eyes open for details on that!}


A handful of things I’m thankful for this week:

  • being able to encourage others
  • being able to pray for others
  • real Southern grits
  • walks with my husband
  • a {mostly} obedient dog
  • object lessons from my dog
  • brilliant orange trees
  • money for groceries
  • gingerbread spice tea
  • new orange nail polish

So… what inspired YOU this week?
What are YOU thankful for?



4 thoughts on “An Astounding Assemblage of Agreeable Articles

  1. I am so thankful for many things: family, church, friends, and having a great job! It’s awesome! And finding new friends online. Thanks for the shout out! It means a lot.

    1. Yay! Thanks, Mary!

  2. Hey Elizabeth and James hope all is well with you. Those characters remind me of the movie dispicable me. They are so cute.Hope to see for the holidays this year.
    Love Cousin Liz

    1. That was a great movie – and the minions are my favorite! Hoping to see you around Christmas this year!

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