One Great Tip: Timing is Everything

I couldn’t have planned it better if I’d tried. When I worked up the schedule for this guest post series, Anne’s post ended up as the last one {for this round, anyway}. She didn’t know that when she wrote this – but I think it makes for a great conclusion, don’t you? Make sure you stop by her blog, Modern Mrs. Darcy, where she talks about timeless women’s issues. And don’t forget to check out her new ebook, Work Shift {read my review of it here}.



My revolutionary breakthroughs often come with a price. Because although the benefits of a great tip may be pretty great, I often feel pretty silly, too—because I’m sure that the smart ladies out there figured these things out years ago.

And so it goes with this revolutionary tip, which was no less revolutionary to me because it’s so obvious to others:

Timing is Everything.

This tip holds true for so many facets of life, for the large scale (tackle that project when I’m 20, or 50?) and the small (exercise before breakfast, or after?)

But it’s especially true when it comes to personal relationships.

I didn’t even begin to learn this truth until I was nearing the end of my first decade of adulthood.

When I was younger, I didn’t understand the importance of timing. Like when we were dating—back in college—I thought my man immediately wanted to hear every fascinating though that popped in my head, as soon as the lightbulb went off.

I slowly learned that he didn’t. Timing is everything. But there’s not much we can’t talk about—if I choose my timing with care.

The same holds true with friends. I didn’t used to pay much attention to whether I chose the carpool line or a private coffee date for an important conversation. But I’m older and wiser now, and I’m learning: it’s all about the timing.

I love this series Elizabeth is hosting on revolutionary tips. But remember this: even the best tip will only work for you if the timing is right.

Because timing is everything.


Anne Bogel loves strong coffee, long books, and big ideas, and she writes about those things at her blog Modern Mrs Darcy. She is also the author of the new ebook Work Shift: How to Create a Better Blend of Work, Life, and Family, which is for moms who want to be there for their kids AND engage in fulfilling, meaningful work.



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  1. Excellent thoughts. Timing is everything! Ecclesiastes speaks to this, and a wise woman takes this into consideration before dealing with a husband or teens. 🙂

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