Salvation Stories {Link-Up}

October 28 is the anniversary of my adoption.

Not a physical adoption — a spiritual one. It’s the day God made me His child, gave me His name, and provided a new life for me.

I would say it’s the day He chose me, and called me, but that’s not entirely true. He chose me before the earth was created. He called me before I was even conceived.

Salvation has nothing to do with me, and everything to do with God. {<–tweet this!}

It’s not because I’m anything special, or because I have amazing potential, or because I have a great heritage. It’s because God wanted me to bear His name, His suffering, and someday His glory.

And God in His amazing grace caused me to be born into a Christian family. In His grace, He led my parents to speak often of salvation. And in His grace, he saved me when I was only three years old.

It’s actually one of my earliest memories… Mom and I had been to a women’s Bible study that morning. Or more accurately, Mom had been to the Bible study. I was off playing with the other kids {although we might have had our own short Bible lesson too}.

On the way home, I remember asking my Mom how a person could get saved. I’m sure she offered some answer at that point, but what I remember next is sitting and talking at the kitchen table together.

She made sure I was asking out of conviction, not just curiosity.

I was only three, but I already knew that I was a sinner. I knew I did wrong far too easily and far too often. I knew that I was sorry for the wrong things I’d done — and not just for getting in trouble, but for actually doing those things in the first place.

And I’d heard the good news that Jesus had died on the cross, to save me from the eternal punishment of those wrong things. He died and rose again, so that I could be washed clean from my sin. He died and rose again, so that I could have eternal life and live with Him in Heaven someday.

And right there at that kitchen table, my Mom led me in confessing my sin to God, acknowledging that He died to save me, and trusting in His offer of salvation. And because I confessed with my mouth and believed with my heart that Jesus Christ was my Lord and Savior — that day I was born into God’s family.

Granted, I was only three. I didn’t understand all the nuances of salvation and Calvary and the resurrection. I still don’t. But I knew enough to trust in my Savior.

And that’s how God saved me. The story doesn’t end there — in fact, the next chapter didn’t start for another twelve years, when the Holy Spirit brought me under conviction and gave me a passionate desire to live a more Christ-centered life.

But I know without a doubt that I was adopted on October 28, 1987. 

We each have a unique story of salvation. Some of you were saved early in life, like I was. Some of you found Jesus as teenagers, perhaps in the midst of a rebellious stage. Some of you were well into adulthood before you heard or accepted the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We all have different testimonies — but they’re all uniquely ours. And in my opinion, they’re all miracles. Because there’s nothing we can do on our own to find eternal salvation. There’s no way we can do enough good, or suffer enough penance, to save ourselves from the wrath of a holy God. But Jesus paid it all! He made redemption not just a hope, but a reality. He made spiritual adoption possible.

And I would love to read about your adoption! Would you link up your salvation story below, or share it in the comment section? It is always encouraging to read how God chooses to save us. It is always a reason to rejoice! {Feel free to copy & paste the graphic below onto your blog post!} Also, would you share this on twitter and facebook, so others might come and enjoy the testimonies of God’s saving grace? {For an example, tweet THIS.}


But what if you don’t have your own salvation story?

What if you’ve never come to terms with your own inherent sinfulness? What if you’ve never understood that God Himself paid the penalty for your sin at Calvary? What if you’ve never chosen to trust in His gift of eternal salvation, of abundant life here and forever after?

You can change that right now, friend. The steps are simple to becoming part of God’s family. In fact, it’s as simple as the ABC’s:

A — Admit that you are a sinner, and can do nothing on your own to gain eternal life, and are deserving of eternal death (hell).

B — Believe that Jesus Christ died to pay the penalty for your sin once for all, that He is sufficient to redeem you from eternal death (faith alone in Christ alone), and that through Him you can receive the gift of eternal life (heaven).

C — Confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior (in other words, tell someone!).

And of course, if you have questions about any of this, I would love to discuss it more with you! Send me an email, or message me on Facebook or Twitter. Whatever you do, don’t put it off! You never know what moment might be your last, and when you’ll be called to give an account before a holy God. Don’t delay making this decision; it is truly the most important decision of your entire life!


Want to know your Redeemer better?
Why not read His Word with me this week–
Monday: 2 Samuel 14-15, 1 John 4
Tuesday: 2 Samuel 16-18, 1 John 5
Wednesday: 2 Samuel 19-20, 2 John 1
Thursday: 2 Samuel 21-22, 3 John 1
Friday: 2 Samuel 23-24, Colossians 1
Saturday: Nahum 1-3, Colossians 2
Sunday: Habakkuk 1-3, Colossians 3




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  1. Happy Spiritual Birthday to you!!!!

    1. Thank you, friend! Praising God for it!!

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