100 Reasons to Give Thanks

In the spirit of Thanks-giving, 100 things I’m thankful for:

  1. living in a country with so many freedoms
  2. God’s never-ending sovereignty
  3. God’s unchanging character
  4. a husband who loves me as Christ loves the church
  5. a home church that feels like family
  6. great family on both sides
  7. a godly heritage and sweet grandparents
  8. finding new friends over the past few months
  9. growth and new vision for my blog
  10. progress in writing books!
  11. optimism about meeting future goals
  12. a new-to-us car (& another miracle story)
  13. coffee. always coffee.
  14. learning to enjoy new flavors of tea
  15. death by chocolate cake
  16. the fresh scent of honeysuckle
  17. daisies, the friendliest flower
  18. a sweet-natured very cute puppy dog
  19. a new focus on being thankful every day
  20. improved mental energy over the past year
  21. stable blood test results over the past year
  22. healing and improvement since 2007
  23. good doctors & available treatments
  24. the colors green and yellow
  25. learning how to wear scarves
  26. my favorite pair of jeans
  27. watching football games with hubby
  28. wisdom from God whenever we ask for it
  29. being made in the image of a creative God
  30. a God who is inscrutable and indescribable
  31. a God who loves me, no matter what
  32. the relationality of God
  33. the sure hope of eternity in His presence
  34. the hope of seeing loved ones again in Heaven
  35. time on earth to bear witness to the unsaved
  36. marriage as a picture of Christ & the church
  37. a husband who spoils me whenever he can
  38. foot rubs and back rubs
  39. surprise love notes
  40. good quality orange juice
  41. homemade chocolate chip cookies
  42. garlic and olive oil
  43. cast iron skillets
  44. the internet – google searches, social media, etc
  45. the blogging world
  46. easy-to-learn css and html
  47. picmonkey and paint.net
  48. thesaurus.com
  49. blogging & social media gurus
  50. fleece sweatshirts
  51. fuzzy socks
  52. heated mattress pads
  53. warm winter jackets
  54. spider plants (one of the few houseplants I don’t kill)
  55. homegrown tomatoes
  56. unlimited text messaging
  57. good cell phone coverage (except at my parents)
  58. the “virality” of sharing requests on social media
  59. the power of intercession
  60. refreshing times in God’s Word
  61. theology discussions with hubby
  62. Bible conferences
  63. deep expository sermons
  64. solid Bible-based books & resources
  65. a plethora of hymnbooks
  66. a piano – and the ability to play it
  67. having a church to serve at
  68. ladies’ meetings and church fellowships
  69. friends who share book recommendations
  70. friends who share good recipes
  71. Dunkin Donuts’ seasonal coffees
  72. real Italian lasagna
  73. brick-oven Margherita pizza
  74. Very Berry Raspberry Limeades (from Red Robin)
  75. parents who keep me stocked with brown bread
  76. parents who are also friends
  77. siblings (and in-laws) who are also friends!
  78. Godiva dark chocolate
  79. Friendly’s ice cream sundaes
  80. Chick-fil-A chicken & waffle fries
  81. restaurant coupons
  82. AAA discounts
  83. my own real-life hero (my husband!)
  84. all the men & women who have fought for our freedom
  85. all their spouses/families who have sacrificed as well
  86. classical music
  87. poetry
  88. paper shredders
  89. coffee makers
  90. immersion blenders
  91. water filters & air purifiers
  92. white noise (by fan or phone app)
  93. water-resistant hiking boots
  94. mountain trails and trail maps
  95. hiking dates with hubby
  96. free ebooks – and other giveaway goodies
  97. friends who understand the passion to write
  98. friends who encourage Scripture memorization
  99. friends who pray for each other
  100. all the other blessings that we never even notice!


What are YOU thankful for this week?


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8 thoughts on “100 Reasons to Give Thanks

  1. Amazing! I wonder if I could come up with 100 things? There is so much to be thankful for. I am thankful for my husband, for family and friends, for my beautiful kids, and for hot drinks.=)

    1. It gets hard around #80, but really, once you start listing things – it just flows out.

  2. I’m thankful for my wonderful friends that I have made here in South Africa. Thankful my parents are coming to visit in December.

    1. Visits from parents are always things to be thankful for – especially when you live on another continent! 🙂

  3. I love your thankful list, friend. God is so good and it is hard to not be thankful when we think of His many blessings!

    1. Amen!! Love your list too 🙂

  4. I am so thankful for Jesus christ who paid the debt he did not owe
    And I am thankfull for the nailed pierced hands, he is worthy, for he have gaven me amazing grace, I give him thanks.

    1. Amen! Thanks for sharing those wonderful blessings, Adella!

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