A Brief News Edition

With Thanksgiving coming up, and other projects clamoring for attention, my normal blogging schedule is falling all to pieces. We’re (hopefully) going to be enjoying some good family time over the holiday, so the second half of next week might be pretty quiet. But I’ll be back the week after, and hopefully back into the normal swing of things! 


–> In case you haven’t entered Friday’s giveaway yet, there’s still time! It ends Monday at midnight! There’s 5 handcrafted (by me!) cards up for grabs – 3 that say “thank you” on the front – all of which are blank inside. I can’t wait to see who ends up winning!


–> I have something special planned for Monday. So I wanted to share next week’s Bible reading schedule today.

Monday: 1 Chronicles 28-29, Luke 4
Tuesday: 2 Chronicles 1-3, Luke 5
Wednesday: 2 Chronicles 4-6
Thursday: 2 Chronicles 7-9
Friday: 2 Chronicles 10-12, Luke 6
Saturday: 2 Chronicles 13-14
Sunday: 2 Chronicles 15-16, Luke 7

And I’m wondering – are any of you interested in following a reading plan with me next year (2013)? I’m already looking at some possibilities, probably something different than what I did this year. But I’d love your input!


 Meanwhile, keep being thankful!



4 thoughts on “A Brief News Edition

  1. The holidays tend to throw off my schedule too. (Not that I’ve been incredibly consistent over the past few months…).
    Hope your Thanksgiving week and family time are full of joy & yummy things to eat!

    1. Thanks, Molly! You too 🙂

  2. i would definitely be interested.

    1. Great! Thanks for letting me know, Jenni!

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