Post-Election Thoughts

By now you’ve surely seen the overwhelming trend towards liberalism in the results of our state and federal elections. It was, for me at least, eye-opening. I had hoped that more people understood the dangers of continuing down this path. Apparently I was wrong.

I am both disappointed and concerned. I am concerned about the future of strong families and true Christians. I am concerned that our nation’s freedoms will wane more and more, and that we will become more enslaved to dangerous ideas or foreign nations.

I grieve for the waywardness of my beloved nation.

But no matter what direction our country heads — whether we agree with its leaders or not — God is still our only true Hope!

We who are believers must NOT slack in praying for our country’s spiritual needs. Now more than ever, I hope, we see the need for a spiritual revival. True national change will only take place as individuals submit themselves to God’s authority. And by “individuals,” I mean both saved and unsaved.

We cannot blame anyone else for where our country is headed, if we are not faithfully fulfilling our HIGHEST calling: to be ambassadors for Christ, proclaiming His truth and making disciples.

If we are not lights in this country, it will continue to grow darker and darker. {<– tweet this!}

We are responsible for our own actions, no matter the course of the nation. We will give account before God for our own faithfulness to obey His commands — not for the President, or the Senate, or the unsaved masses who are spiritually blinded.

What matters today is not so much who is in office, but how you and I will respond. Whether we will pray for our country with the same fervor with which we prayed about the election. Whether we will humbly respect each other, even when we vehemently disagree.

Our country’s need is painfully obvious. She needs Jesus Christ.

What will YOU choose to do about it?



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20 thoughts on “Post-Election Thoughts

  1. Amen!

  2. Beautifully said!

  3. This is so true. I am very concerned about our country, but I also know that everything has to happen for a reason and that God needs certain events to happen in order for other events to follow. Thank you for sharing your heart!

    1. Yes, and I’m so glad I know what happens in the very End of the Story!

  4. Perfectly put Elizabeth. We must focus on our walk and commitment to Christ. Prayer and faithfulness is the only answer.

    1. Yes, exactly. Thanks 🙂

  5. Well put. Thank you for putting the thoughts and feelings that so many of us have into words. Even my prayers today didn’t put my heart at ease as I grieve for our nation.

    1. Thanks, Sandra. I’m praying that our grief will be the catalyst for a more passionate Christianity.

  6. By God’s grace I choose to pray continually for our country and our leaders and I choose to learn more of our country’s history by reading the documents written by our founding fathers and to educate myself in what our country is supposed to be, not what it is, that I might know better how to pray, what to pray for, and pray for courage to be used of God however He so wills. And I don’t write this lightly, as I have not been one to particularly enjoy history or politics at all. I will need God’s strength and help for sure in this undertaking. Your post is encouraging and true and I thank you for sharing.

    1. Sandy, may I suggest or do a google search on Paul Jehle AND New Testament Christian Church. Wallbuilders has a large amount of founding fathers history…Paul Jehle teaches it. Both are excellent resources for you.

      1. Thank you for your good suggestions, Roy; I appreciate them! I am familiar with Wallbuilders, as I have recently started listening to their podcasts. I have not yet delved into their website, but hope to start soon. I will check out Paul Jehle and New Testament Christian Church as well. Thank you for your kindness and for your suggestions!

    2. Sandy, that’s great that you’re studying the history. I’m not crazy about politics either, but I’m seeing more and more how important it is for us to do our part – that is, pray earnestly!

  7. Well said, Elizabeth…Continue to pray, and to make sure I am following Him in my own life in all respects…love and pray…blessings 🙂

    1. Thanks Dolly!

  8. Very true. Although part of me says, if Romney had won the election, things might have gotten better, and the Lord’s return would be further off. 🙂

    1. Possibly… I’m so thankful it’s not up to us! 🙂

  9. Not only is your article well put, but I very much like the fact that you took time to pray before writing it.

    1. Thank you, Debra. Had to make sure I wasn’t saying what my flesh wanted to say. 🙂

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