February 20, 2018

Thank YOU, Readers!

Note: the winners of the Merry Christmas, Meager Budget giveaway were Elizabeth C, Anne-Marie, and Gina. They have been notified already {check your email, ladies!} Thanks to all who entered!

November Challenge update: 

Dear Faithful Readers,

Thank you so much for being who you are: faithful readers.

I can’t really say I write just for you — I write because God compels me to write. But having you around makes it a whole lot more enjoyable!

I appreciate each and every one of you. From the most enthusiastic cheerleader to the quietest reader at home — you encourage me. Because you read these words that God gives me to share.

And because, when you do comment, it reminds me that God can use even me to encourage His people. To share His words of truth.

My greatest joy is to read that something I wrote — some word that God laid on my heart — has been used to deepen your own relationship with Him.

And during this month of Thanksgiving — this month of giving thanks — I could hardly neglect to thank you all. Because without you, writing day after day would get pretty discouraging!

Without you, I would miss these avenues of ministry, these opportunities to encourage and exhort, these sweet friendships that God is providing.

And as a special way of thanking you, I want to share another giveaway! Some of you know that I make my own cards. I love using them to encourage others, to send a smile, to give a heart-felt hug through the mail.

And I made up a few cards to give away to one of you, just to thank you for your encouragement and support. And maybe to help you say thanks to someone else.


Three of the cards say “Thank You” on the front. All of them are blank inside, so you can write your own heart-felt message. The giveaway ends Monday at midnight.

{Note: if you’re reading this via email or RSS, you may have to click through to the blog, to see the entry form.}


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P.S. I know this wasn’t handwritten… but I made the rules, so I’m allowed to break them, right? Besides, it was certainly heart-written!


Have YOU been sending thank you notes?
Who have you sent them to?



  1. Friends from church

  2. The cards are beautiful – you’re very talented!

  3. Elizabeth, I love your blog, and I love that you see it as a ministry tool. That’s how I feel about my blog, especially since I don’t have kids to share with the wisdom that my years of life have given me. I was praying just this morning that the lessons I’ve learned in life wouldn’t just be for my own benefit, and I realized the answer to that prayer is my blog. I like to think I am being a Titus 2 teacher through my writing. Have I told you about the book “Christian Writing”? It really encouraged me to see my writing as a ministry avenue. Thanks for being a fellow Christian blogger!

  4. Beautiful!! What a meaningful giveaway. 🙂

  5. Well, I do believe it was YOU! Not handwritten, but that wasn’t possible. I have a whole list of additional thank you notes to write, though, some for my business and some just FOR.

  6. Love this idea! And beautiful cards. I admire people who have this talent-not one of mine.
    But I’d love to win them.=)

  7. Missed what we were supposed to comment about.=) I sent a thank you note to some friends who let us stay with them this summer.

  8. Those cards are lovely! What a great way to brighten someone’s day.

  9. These cards are beautiful and so is your blog! 🙂 I really need to send out many thank you cards right now. The last one I wrote was to someone who bought something from my Etsy shop – they were my very first overseas order!

  10. A lady who hosted a Thanksgiving get-together!!! It’s getting harder and harder for us to send actual notes (apart from FB messages.)

  11. Teresa Richardson says:

    What lovely cards! You are blessed with talent

  12. How gorgeous! You are talented! I’m kind of failing this challenge, but will try to focus on it a bit more next week, since its Thanksgiving and all!

  13. Beautiful cards! : ) And I appreciate your beautiful spirit that shines through on your blog. God bless you!