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Have you shared your salvation story yet? If not… why not? It’s a great excuse to pause and rejoice in the awesomeness of our redemption! 

And, are you planning to participate in the November challenge to “Thank Someone”? Use your words to show appreciation to someone this month! Thank someone for being a faithful example, an encourager, a light in the darkness, or a help in time of need. Thank them for being themselves.


Great Posts:

–> The Discipline of Adversity from Tim Challies

Challies has been studying (and blogging) through Jerry Bridges’ The Discipline of Grace. And this week he shares about the discipline of adversity. Hebrews tells us that every child of God must “endure hardship as discipline.” But the writer doesn’t tell us which hardships are considered discipline, so we’re often left wondering what the purpose of our trials are. But we must understand that “all hardship is meant to bring us to greater conformity to Christ.


–> Discover Deeper Devotions from Jenni Mullinix

I just discovered Jenni’s blog last week, when I saw one of her posts about having deeper devotions. Turns out, she’s doing a whole series about it! And this week’s post was about How to Study the Bible Using the Inductive Bible Study Method. If you need something to revitalize your Bible time, this might be just the thing. If you need something to help you retain what you’re reading, this is definitely the thing.

Discover Deeper Devotions series


–> The Secret Work from Rachel Wojo

We all have something we do that nobody else really sees, or notices, or applauds. Maybe it’s taking care of your home. Maybe it’s changing diapers. Maybe it’s praying for others. Rachel offers some much needed encouragement about faithfulness in our “secret works” — and the One who sees those works, the only One whose applause really matters.

Also, if you need some extra encouragement, be sure to check out Rachel’s current series Hope for Hurting Hearts.


Featured Product:

Show & Tell Faith combines two beautiful things: Scripture and jewelry. So you can “share what you believe” in a very visible way. They have all sorts of charms with Scripture verses, encouraging phrases, or meaningful words. Perhaps you want a visual affirmation that you are redeemed! Or maybe a reminder to count your blessings. Or even just a fun cross-shaped charm. They have a great selection.


Weekly Gratitudes:

  • thick-sliced bacon
  • safety for family & friends during hurricane Sandy
  • extra time to read my Bible this week
  • answered prayers for wisdom
  • those rare uninterrupted nights of sleep
  • Christmas music!
  • opportunities to practice thankfulness
  • hearing others’ salvation stories!
  • homemade cinnamon apple bread
  • crunchy leaves underfoot


What are YOU thankful for today?



3 thoughts on “Weekly News Edition

  1. Thanks so much for featuring my series, Elizabeth! I hope it will continue to be a blessing to you. 🙂

    1. Jenni, thank YOU for sharing it!

  2. I love your gratitude list! Thanks for your ministry here, Elizabeth! You’re always an encouragement!

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