3-2-1 News Edition

Book Project Update
Thank you so much to all who have contributed so far! I appreciate your support so much! I’ve now received $205 (out of $500) — just $295 left to go. And just a quick reminder: for every $5 you contribute, you receive one chance to win a copy of the published book!

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3 Flash Mobs, at Modern Mrs Darcy

Okay, all of those were simply amazing. You have to watch them. They’re about 5 minutes each, and so worth it. I especially loved the first one. To hear the praise of our Redeemer come seemingly unbidden from human lips… can you even IMAGINE what heaven will be like??


2 Christmas eBooks…

Christmas devotional ebook12 Days of Christmas for the Hurting
by Rachel Wojnarowski
99 cents for a limited time!

I haven’t read this yet — just downloaded it yesterday — but I already love Rachel’s heart and testimony. So I’m sure I’ll love this book, too. She shares from her own personal experience with heartache, offering the true hope of Christ to those who are hurting. And it’s not just for Christmas, either — so don’t worry if you don’t have the time to read it before January. Get it now, while it’s on sale!


Merry Christmas, Meager Budget
by Sarah Beals & Beth Bergeron
$3.99 for a limited time!

I have read this book, and think it’s amazing! Sarah and Beth share DIY crafts, decor, family activities, gift ideas, and recipes. All with classic New-England charm. Think vintage snowmen, caroling with the kids, festive holiday appetizers, and more. The book is packed full of great, do-able ways for celebrating more with less.


1 Reminder…

Don’t forget to share your two cents worth in the Reader Survey! It’s short, and to the point, and would be incredibly helpful as I make plans for 2013! I greatly value your feedback and opinions, and would love to hear how I can better minister to you through this blog.



And a partridge in a pear tree!
Otherwise known as, a handful of things I’m grateful for this week:

  • cinnamon-scented pinecones
  • nativity sets – the true reason for Christmas
  • being reminded of the True Light of the world
  • 10% off sales & free shipping
  • planning surprises for loved ones
  • God’s grace through sleepless nights
  • finding other insomniacs (just to know I’m not alone)
  • World Market & Christmas Tree Shops
  • plans to go “home” again
  • unexpected financial provision


What are YOU thankful for today?




4 thoughts on “3-2-1 News Edition

  1. so excited on the investment progress of your book project! (isn’t that a mouthful?!)=)

    1. Thanks friend 🙂

  2. That’s fantastic about your book!

    Today, I’m thankful for a cozy warm house and hot coffee on soggy afternoons 🙂

    1. Sounds delightful (the coffee part, not the sogginess)!

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