Goals for 2013

I like setting goals each year, having something to reach for over the next twelve months. How about you? Whether you call them goals or resolutions doesn’t really matter; the point is, striving to accomplish specific tasks in a specific time-frame.

Because, as the cliche goes — if you aim for nothing then you’ll hit it every time. But if you aim for something, even if you don’t reach it, you’ll still be headed somewhere. You’ll be growing, and progressing.

Hard work is never worthless, even if the desired end is not reached.

Even if a shift in priorities or unforeseen circumstances prevent reaching a goal, the effort made to reach that goal will always bear fruit. It will make the next goal just a little bit easier to reach. It will make the path to that next goal seem just a little smoother, a little less tortuous.

I’ve also found that setting goals gives helps establish my priorities, and gives me a better sense of direction; if something’s not truly important to me, it probably won’t happen that year. For instance, my 2012 goal of writing poetry each week. I certainly still enjoy poetry, but I’m not really passionate about it anymore. Writing devotionals and book reviews have taken precedence.

And so, I’ve set some goals for 2013. And I share them with you all for the sake of accountability: if I make my goals public, then I’m much more likely to stick with them. 

I also chose to add categories to my goals this year. It reminds me why I chose certain goals: not just things picked at random, but my highest priorities. Goals that lead towards greater growth and progress in very specific areas of life.

Because that’s the whole point of setting goals, isn’t it?



1. Bible Reading & Studying: read through the entire Bible, using YouVersion’s Discipleship Journal’s Book-at-a-Time plan; continue studying James with our Sunday School class; participate in 1 other group Bible study {TBD}

2. Bible Memorization: memorize 4 new chapters in the Bible; review and solidify chapters memorized this year {Isaiah 55, Psalm 103, 1 Peter 1}

3. Reading: read at least 2 non-fiction books per month {especially theology, memoirs, and all the free books I’ve accumulated on my Kindle over the past year}, and a total of 50 books this year; consistently track my reading on Goodreads

4. Writing: publish Touching the Hem; write & publish another ebook {still brainstorming topic ideas}

5. Blogging: continuing refining the focus and purpose of DogFur and Dandelions; revise mission statement; regularly contribute to other blogs {starting with 2 new ones in January!}

6. Ministry: continue in discipleship/mentoring ministries – both being and doing

7. Relationships: invite other couples over for a meal or dessert, at least once each quarter {not counting family or friends-who-feel-like-family}

8. Hobbies: learn one new skill, preferably something that can be used for gift-giving in the future

9. Physical Fitness: consistently exercise 5 days/week, when energy allows; increase fitness level in at least one area {bike at least 1 mile, walk at least 3 miles, etc.}

10. Physical Health: continue strength-training for metabolic benefits; lose 15 pounds to reach my goal weight


So what about YOU?
Do YOU set annual goals?


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15 thoughts on “Goals for 2013

  1. Great goals. And they sound reachable. Not impractical. Good job!

    1. Thanks friend! 🙂

  2. I thought I was the only one who broke goals down into categories! I’m currently reading Trust.Hope.Rejoice and loving it. It has been a tool for God in dealing with my heart. Thanks for that!

    1. I’m so glad to hear that! It’s an answer to prayer 🙂 Have a blessed Christmas!

  3. I also break the goals into categories! In thinking ahead to 2013, I am trying to seek God’s direction in my goals – not setting my goals according to what I think I should be doing! I tend to plan my work and then ask God to bless it! I guess that’s a goal in and of itself – to seek God’s direction – not mine! Merry Christmas! And may we all have a productive and learning-to-depend-on-God 2013!

    1. That was my overarching “goal” in setting goals for 2013. First time I’ve really prayed over it, rather than just writing down whatever sounded good at the moment. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Denise!

  4. Goal-setting is a good thing to think about and to do. Thanks for the prompt.

    1. You’re welcome! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  5. You are brave putting all your goals out:)!! Good goals! My thoughts have been toward organizing a schedule so that I can get the things done well and right that I want to do. So organizing my time for bible/prayer, homeschool with my kiddos, housework, blog life, etc. It’s a big task and I want to manage my time so I do things and do them well. Nice to meet you:)

    1. That is a big task! Can I suggest a book that might help? “Tell Your Time” by Amy Lynn Andrews. There’s a link to it in my sidebar. She’s got some great, practical suggestions for time management. I’ve also heard “168 Hours” by Laura Vanderkam is pretty good.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Breaking them into categories is wise! It’ll keep you motivated and help you remember it isn’t arbitrary. Can’t wait to cheer you on.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement!! 🙂

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