Focus on Intercession: America

A note to those readers in other nations around the world: my country is very dear to me, and is high on my prayer list. Maybe you’d like to join us in interceding for our beloved nation, or perhaps you can apply these suggestions to pray for your own homeland.

I think we can all agree that America needs our prayers.

Whatever your political views, wherever you fall on the conservative/liberal spectrum, you surely agree that our nation has problems. You may have even experienced some of them personally. Whether the fiscal cliff, domestic security, foreign policy, education and welfare, homosexuality and abortion, or other moral or spiritual issues — we are dealing with a lot right now.**

Some say that God is judging our country. Some say it’s the result of too much government — or too little. Some say it’s simply the natural result of a failed experiment in democracy.

Whatever its cause, I believe there is only one answer — a spiritual awakening.

Because all our problems in this life come from having a sin nature.

Because without Christ, evil men will become worse and worse. Because without the Holy Spirit, the inner moral compass can be warped and broken. Because without God, men have no pure standard of right-ness.

And let’s not blame it all on the unsaved — Christianity has become a rather popular thing, and I think that’s part of the problem too. Because what is right is not usually popular.

Because true Christians have become sloppy in their obedience, and allowed sin to slide. Because being tolerant, and comfortable, and easy-going has been valued above doing right and sharing in Christ’s sufferings. Because seeker-friendly, feel-good social gospels have been elevated — and the hard truth of Christ being “the way, the truth, and the life” has been watered down and ignored.

Sin destroys. James tells us that sin brings forth death. And he’s not just speaking of physical death: it refers to spiritual death and the decay of every good thing.

Left to himself, man will destroy every good thing he has. And left to himself, he is powerless to change it.

Only in Christ can sin be destroyed, and the cycle of death interrupted. Only by His power can we live free from sin’s curse. Only by His grace can we produce life instead of death, build up instead tear down, mature instead of weaken. Therefore, Jesus Christ is man’s greatest need.

Therefore, Jesus Christ is America’s greatest need.

Nothing else – no one else – can fix her problems. Nothing else can truly help the poor or homeless, the uneducated, or the unfortunate. No one else can provide wisdom and unfailing direction.

The thing is, God will not bless us if we are not obeying Him. He shows a general measure of grace to all mankind, but He will not bestow special blessings on those who have rejected Him. Instead, He will send judgement.

And I think He is judging His people along with the unrighteous.

So would you pray for America with me?

Focus on Intercession

Suggestions for how to pray:

* Pray that we as Christians would be passionate to share the gospel with those we see every day, and that God would call more people to Himself.

* Pray for missionaries and pastors who are seeking to spread the gospel in our nation. Pray for victory in their spiritual battles, for good testimonies in their communities, and for people to be saved.

* Pray that God’s people would stay pure enough to be lights in a dark sinful world. Pray that we would not let sin slide, but would be diligent to be holy as He is holy.

* Pray that God’s people would have discernment to know what is right, and boldness to obey. Pray that God’s people would have courage to stand for the truth, no matter what.

* Pray for the spiritual battles taking place in our nation — especially around homosexuality and abortion — that God’s people would stand for what is right, and that God’s Word would effect change and prevail in men’s hearts.

* Pray for government officials, both local and federal, that they would come to know Christ personally.

* Pray that those in government who do know Christ would not be ashamed of His gospel, and would be bold to stand for His truth. Pray that they would be wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

* Pray for those behind the scenes of each political office, that God would be working even through schedulers and writers and teleprompters, to proclaim His truth.

* Pray for the military. Pray especially for the chaplains who counsel those in our military. Pray that they would preach the true gospel and live Christ-honoring lives in front of their fellow service-men & women.

* Pray for God’s mercy for those who are doing His will, and even on the unsaved who have rejected Him. If Paul prayed it, so can we.


Have any other specific requests?
Please share them in the comments — I’d love to pray for YOU!


**Please Note: I am not trying to change your political views or preach my own opinions here. I’m simply sharing the principles given in God’s Word.


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5 thoughts on “Focus on Intercession: America

  1. I wholeheartedly agree, my friend. And I love that you’ve provided a list for us to specifically pray for our nation. Just this morning I saw a comment on FB that said, “Quit criticizing our government and instead pray for them.” I’m guilty of not praying enough for our nation. There’s much that we could find fault with, but much better to turn our nation over to God. Thanks for this reminder!

    1. That’s a great way to put it. Pray, not criticize. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for this reminder. I especially identify with the need to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ to be pure, unstained by the false teachings of this world to be set apart and to stand up for the Gospel and for the Bible, and to be lights.

    1. It dovetails perfectly with your word for the year, right? Thanks for the encouragement!

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