Gratitude: What Are You Thankful For?

I feel like I’ve been writing some heavier stuff lately… about God judging the wicked, and His commands for steadfast righteousness, and the desperate need for Jesus in our country, and the spiritual battles that we face every day.

These are some hard truths, I know. They are neither music to our ears, nor a sweet balm to our souls. But they are truths from God Himself,and what He says matters!

However, God’s Word also includes plenty of comforting passages. It overflows with sweet music and joy-packed promises. It is the greatest balm our soul could ever crave!

So today let’s focus on those joys, on that balm for our weary souls. Let’s share some things that have filled us with gratitude over the past week.




What have I been grateful for this week? And why??

— God’s hand directing the seasons and climate changes. I so enjoy the more temperate winters of South Carolina (we’ve been around 30 when y’all have been hitting zero!). But I am grateful that not all places have the same exact weather. How boring would that be? And how much beauty would we miss out on?

— A husband who takes the time to know me and surprise me. He occasionally buys me flowers, which I completely love. But one day this past week, he came home with Apple Smoked Gouda. You see, I really love gourmet cheese — but it’s just not in the budget right now. And so it totally thrilled me that he would remember something like that! {The cheese is pretty tasty too!}

— A place to share my thoughts. And not just here, on DogFur and Dandelions, but now on a few other sites as well. I was thrilled to be asked to contribute regularly to Finding Purpose in the Pain (devotionals) and What’s On My Nightstand (book reviews).

— Friends who pray for me. Seriously, people, it means so much to know that someone is faithfully praying for you! It comforts, encourages, motivates, and relieves some of the burden of carrying everything by yourself. I am so grateful for loved ones who pray so faithfully for me.

(Side note: if you don’t have anyone like that, I’d encourage you to seek out a godly peer who would become a prayer partner with you!)

— Colors. Can you imagine a world without color? I love wearing turquoise and chocolate brown. I love decorating with mossy green and cranberry red. I love how a subdued canary yellow contrasts with charcoal grey. Color adds so much to our world!

— Good books. I’m grateful for books that make me think, which expand my mind and teach me new things. I’m grateful for books that don’t make me think, which I can relax with or read before bed. The last two weeks have been a little rough physically, and I’ve been able to pass the long hours by reading voraciously. In fact, I’ve already completed 14% of my reading challenge for this year (7 of 50)!

— Rebates in the mail. In the past week, we received three different rebates in our mailbox! One was from upgrading our phones, one from buying new tires, and one from a hotel stay over Christmas. Even though we had to spend money upfront, they’re all things we needed to do. And it’s such a blessing to receive a slight return on those purchases, especially in January!

Hope for the future. This week has celebrated some historic events: the second inauguration of President Obama, the anniversary of Martin Luther King Junior Day, the anniversary of Roe-vs-Wade. I am so grateful to know that people are praying for our country, that this world is not my home, that God is always in control, and that we can look forward to a glorious future in a perfect eternal kingdom! How about you?

— Coffee. I know, this goes on my list a lot. I’m not quite addicted to coffee; I only drink my 2 cups every morning, and that’s it. But I’m in a season of life when it’s physically incredibly hard to get going in the mornings (and not from laziness or lack of discipline). And coffee, that sweet nectar of liquid perfection, gets me going. And it doesn’t hurt that it tastes delicious, too!

— Scrapbook stamps. Seriously, y’all. These things make card-making so much more fun! And between an unbelievable trip to Michael’s (Dollar Days sales + 40% off any item + 15% off entire order = tons of goodies on a cheap budget!) and a scrapbooking variety box from my sis-in-law… my stamp collection just tripled in size this past week! How’s that for some good inspiration??

(Side note: If you haven’t tried them yet, the clear stamps are fantastic – and so much easier to place then the old-fashioned rubber kind!)


Your turn!!

What are YOU thankful for this week? And why??

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2 thoughts on “Gratitude: What Are You Thankful For?

  1. Right this very minute, I’m thankful for faithful friends near and fair who love, encourage, and pray for our family. God uses them more than they know to let us know He cares for us!

    1. A wonderful thing to be grateful for! Intercession truly is a blessing!

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