How to Keep a Blessings Book

Do you choose a word for each year? Some people do that instead of making resolutions, in hopes of focusing on a certain direction for the next twelve months.

I’ve never done it before, and I do set goals each year, but this year I decided to choose a word as well:


God keeps reminding me to be more grateful. In fact, I’ve heard the word a lot over the past few months. Everything from friends who keep thankfulness lists, to friends who blog about being joy-filled, to friends who complete 40-day thankfulness challenges.

And then my friend Catherine gave me a “Blessings Book” for ChristmasI’ve never kept a “Blessings Book” or a thankfulness journal or anything like that before. In fact, I’d never even heard of the idea before a few months ago. But it’s really simple, actually.

All you need is a notebook, journal, or binder. You can buy one in your style — or do what Catherine did for mine. She used a generic composition notebook, and personalized it by adding fun scrapbook paper to the cover, a ribbon bookmark, and ribbon tie-closures.

And then you write in it! I keep mine by my bed, and every night I write the day’s date and 2-3 blessings from that day. My first week included things like safety travelinglunch with good friendsquiet days at home, and a great relationship with my husband.

That’s the simple way to do it… or you could get a little more detailed. Catherine from Choosing Joy Daily offers this suggestion for a Blessings Book —  record a blessing from each family member, a blessing from the family as a whole, and prayer needs, then leave space for the answers to those prayer needs (which, of course, are even more blessings!).

However you choose to do it, a Blessings Book is a great way to chronicle God’s goodness throughout the year. {tweet that!}

It can be a comforting thing to look back at, especially during dry or difficult seasons. And it can serve as a faithful reminder to be thankful every single day.

It can foster GRATITUDE.


QUESTION for YOU: Have you ever kept a Blessings Book or thankfulness journal? 



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11 thoughts on “How to Keep a Blessings Book

  1. Thanks for the idea of summarizing my resolutions into one word. (There is nothing I enjoy more than cutting, editing, and summarizing.) My one word would be UNSTAINED, from James 1, keeping myself unstained by the world.

    1. Great choice – something we all should be focusing on.

  2. I just love this idea!

  3. I love your Blessings Book! I want to make one:) And it’s perfect way to record gratitude. My one word is seek. Enjoyed visiting from NLS.

    1. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I have one but am not good at writing every day. Something I hope to work on this year..

    1. I struggle with that too. It’s certainly a “discipline”!

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