Gratitude: a Brand New Washing Machine

You may have seen my Facebook posts over the last two weeks about shopping for a washing machine… here’s how God helped me practice gratitude, even while I was staring at a mountain of dirty clothes:

I was doing an extra large load of laundry that Saturday morning. And apparently it was a little too full, because something slipped over the side of the tub, and ended up clogging the drain hose. The washer went through all the cycles… but it didn’t spin.

And even worse, it didn’t drain.

Hubby was out at drill that day, and I was stuck with a washer full of  flannel shirts (and other things) that were soaking in dirty water. I had to take it all out and wash it piece by piece in our bathtub!

An extra-large load. By hand. In a bathtub.

Let me tell you something — washing flannel by hand is not easy. My hands and wrists hurt for two days after that, because of the sheer heaviness of the fabric when it’s soaking wet.

Never again will I take my washer for granted!

Well, hubby got home from a long day of drilling and started taking the washer apart (don’t try that at home, folks!). We scooped out a whole washer-load of water cup by cup. And we eventually found the wayward item stuck at the washer-end of the drain hose, and managed not to make too much of a flood getting it free. But he also discovered a frozen motor and another piece that was broken. 

Since we’d bought it off craigslist over four years ago, for around $100, it wasn’t worth paying anyone to repair it. We decided it would be a better investment to buy a brand new washing machine.

I have to offer praise at this point because — although this had entirely messed up our day, and I was tired and sore from taking care of it, I had peace. Peace that God was controlling the circumstances. Peace that He would provide the money for a replacement washer. Peace that He would give us wisdom to make the right choice.

It took us a few nights to have time to shop. But then…

On Valentine’s evening, when most couples were doing something romantic and fun, we went appliance shopping.

Fun, right? 🙂

God graciously granted both wisdom and peace as we shopped. We knew what size machine we needed, but other than that, I was content to buy just a basic stripped-down model. But it turned out that appliances were on sale for Valentine’s Day (who knew?!). And the higher-quality higher-efficiency models were only a little more expensive than the cheap stripped-down models! 

So hubby decided we should consider those, since they’d save us more money in the long run. And since God had provided a larger-than-normal paycheck, and for once we could actually afford it.

We checked out reviews on our phones (praise God for smartphones!) and weighed the options together. And we settled on what we believed to be the best choice. And we went to check out, and discovered there was an additional discount, making it even more affordable!

It was still a few more days before they could deliver it — but hey, they hauled away the old one, so that was pretty great too. 

Now I’m sitting here typing to the sounds of a brand new washing machine, plugging away at our mountain of dirty laundry, so grateful for how God provides.


Specifically, in this situation, He provided:

  •  peace during a trying situation
  •  time to wash things by hand that day
  •  a time when my husband wasn’t away 
  •  patience to wait on His timing
  •  wisdom to make a good choice
  •  contentment with whatever He would provide
  •  unexpected finances just when we needed them
  •  smartphones to compare products
  •  time to shop and guidance to the right stores
  •  not one but TWO  unexpected sales on appliances
  •  reliable delivery guys who did all the hefty work
  •  and clean clothes once again!!!!


Do YOU have a story of God’s faithfulness that you could share?
How are you grateful for His direction and provision in a difficult situation?

Leave a comment… I’d love to hear more testimonies of our great God!

P.S. I’m in the thick of manuscript revisions! It’s a good thing, but unfortunately I may have to limit my blogging over the next two weeks. Unless you all want to contribute… 🙂


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10 thoughts on “Gratitude: a Brand New Washing Machine

  1. Yay for a new washer! So glad you found a good deal!

    1. Thanks! We are too! 🙂

  2. Right now I am thankful for my washer and dryer. For a whole month we had to hang out all our laundry, and pray it dried between rain. It’s rainy season in Indonesia. I was able to do all of our accumulated trip laundry yesterday-five loads. Washed, dried, folded and put away. So thankful!

    1. Washers & dryers are definitely something to be grateful for!

  3. I really appreciate how you detailed the areas in which to praise and give thanks – it causes a shift in thinking that’s so valuable. Gotta think on this…

    1. It was a new experience for me to go through something like that with gratitude in my heart. God is graciously working wonders!! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by today!

  4. Hey Elizabeth, I was feeling so bad for you with all that hard work, but glad it turned out to be such a blessing! Hooray for a new washer! Anyway, hope your manuscript writing goes well. I’m very excited for you! Blessings, friend!

    1. Thanks so much, Jacqui! Hope you’re doing well? I miss your sweet posts!

  5. So glad for all of God’s blessings through this — especially His grace to help you be persevere with patience through it all!

    1. Thanks, friend 🙂 He really was (is) so gracious towards us! He is so good!

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