Gratitude: Just Start Looking

Psalm 103 exhorts us to praise God and remember all His benefits. That can be hard if you’re going through a rough season of life. It can be hard if you’re mired in difficulty with no end in sight. But believe me, He is still blessing you.

It can also be hard to see those benefits if you haven’t been looking for them. If you don’t know how to look for them. But counting your blessings doesn’t have to be difficult.

All you have to do is start looking.

Because you won’t see His plethora of blessings until you start looking for them. You won’t realize just how much He’s given you, until you start trying to notice it all.

And then you’ll be astounded by it. You’ll be overwhelmed by His magnanimity towards you.

You’ll be floored to realize just-how-much He loves you.

You, an imperfect sinful creature. You, who slips and falls 100 times a day, and sometimes refuses His hand to help you up. You, who thinks your own plans are better than your Creator’s ideas for you.

He loves you.

He loves you with the things so-big-we-can’t-comprehend-it, like offering His Son in your place on the cross. He loves you with the everyday things, like rain and sunshine and laughter and ice cream. He loves you with big-hearted gestures, like rainbows and surprise bonuses and new friends. He loves with the little details, like a warm house and running water and good food on the table.

God gives you so much just-because He loves you. Have you ever stopped to notice it all? {tweet that!}




Some ways I’ve seen His love this week:

– a husband who takes me shopping for a washing machine on Valentine’s Day!

– Olive Garden gift cards

parents who love and pray for us so faithfully

– heat & power back on for 400,000 people in southeastern MA

– my dear sweet husband who loves me so faithfully

– a new-to-me jean jacket (originally $90, paid $9!)

a new community group for writers

– getting to say “You do that too?”

– accountability groups

– the ministry of evangelists

– free e-books!

– churches who treat you like family

– friends who support your dreams

– Grandma J’s sticky bun recipe

– gaining new insight into God’s Word


Now it’s your turn!

How have you seen God’s love for you this week?


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6 thoughts on “Gratitude: Just Start Looking

  1. So true, Elizabeth. I really had fun coming up with a list of 27 things I was thankful for for my birthday post… and, of course, there are so many more! Today I’m thankful for a long-time friend who I’d sort of lost contact with but who reached out to me recently with such encouragement. I’m also thankful for a wonderfully timely message we heard from John Piper in the SBTS chapel service yesterday. God’s providence is so perfect!

    P.S. My friends and I joke that you know your marriage has really matured when a romantic date includes appliance shopping! 🙂

    1. Haha, ours must have matured quickly – we’ve only been married 5 years! 😀

    2. Also, slightly jealous that you get to hear Piper in person… 🙂

      1. It was classic Piper; I’d recommend it for anyone in or preparing for ministry.

  2. Beautiful words of encouragement! I am preparing to lead a Bible study at our church for women who are going through trials. Our church has been hit hard in recent months with broken relationships including our pastor, a deacon and even a missionary couple. It takes a lot of spiritual discipline to keep our focus on God, trust His sovereignty and praise Him in the storm. Thanks for sharing some wisdom from the word.

    1. Barbara, so sorry to hear about the struggles your church is facing. I pray that God would lead you as you start this Bible study, and that He would knit your hearts together in His love.

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