Gratitude: Spiritual Blessings

We who are Christians have so many reasons to be grateful!  We usually think of the obvious blessings of salvation, and the Bible, and an eternity in Heaven.

But we have so much more! 

We have true wisdom and incomprehensible peace and abundant joy. We have divine instruction, holy conviction, and unfailing direction. We have comfort and lasting hope and a sure refuge.

I think we often overlook our spiritual blessings because they’re not tangible things. You can’t hold them, share them on Instagram, or cuddle with them on a rainy day. You won’t find them in your mailbox, or get a discount on them at the store. In fact, these things can’t be bought or even hand-crafted.

They are spiritual. They are intangible.

They are eternal, and divine, and other-worldly. 

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has
blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places.
Ephesians 1:3

Paul’s epistles are packed with so many spiritual blessings, from Romans through Philemon. But Ephesians 1:1-14 stands out especially to me. After boldly declaring that we have “every spiritual blessing” in Christ, the apostle goes on to list some of those blessings:

  • we have been chosen specifically by God
  • we have been given a new nature (holy and blameless)
  • we have been predestined to be His own
  • we have been adopted into His own family
  • we have the blessings of His glorious grace
  • we have redemption
  • we have forgiveness
  • we are rich with His grace
  • we have knowledge of His “mysterious” will
  • we have an inheritance from the King of Kings
  • we have true hope in Christ
  • we have been sealed with the Holy Spirit
  • we have the promise of future glory


I have all of that…

YOU have all of that!

What right do we have to complain? What audacity to neglect thankfulness?

So today, let’s focus on our spiritual blessings. Let’s meditate on the riches we have in Christ, that other-worldly inheritance that belongs to you and to me.



Two questions for you to answer today:

1. What are some of your most cherished spiritual blessings? 

– for instance, I’m so grateful that we can know true rest even in turbulent times;
– I’m thankful for the peace we can have, even in uncertainty;
– I’m grateful for instant familial bonds with other Christians;
– I’m so thankful for conviction that leads to lasting growth;
– and I’m in awe that we can have such intimacy with our Creator!

2. What are some favorite passages that speak of those blessings?

Two of mine are Ephesians 1 and Psalm 103!


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6 thoughts on “Gratitude: Spiritual Blessings

  1. Thanks Elizabeth. I’m reminding and refresh myself of God’s blessings just now and your blog is timely. Thanks you for writing it and may you continue to comprehend from the heart what His blessings mean – best regards Ian

    1. Thanks Ian! Have a wonderful Friday!

  2. I find the comfort we have in death to be most comforting to me – 1 Cor.15. Death is inevitable and surrounds us daily, so these promises give me a real comfort.

    1. That is a great comfort! Thanks, friend 🙂

  3. I loved reading your post and while I was aware of all that we had been given I was so happy as I read and thought about what you shared
    come see what I shared at

    1. Thanks Angie! I’ll head over to your site now!

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