Growing Pains: the Cost of Getting to Know God

How has your time with God been lately? Are you staying faithful in reading His Word?

Even if you miss a day (or a few days), don’t let it stop you — just like you wouldn’t let a few missed coffee-dates ruin your closest friendship. You rearrange your schedule, figure out a better time or place, and keep trying to get together.

You work at it, because it’s important to you.

What about your time with God?

Are you willing to work at it? Is it that important to you? Are you living like it’s top priority?

Reading your Bible, spending time in prayer, being quiet before God — these spiritual disciplines are all things we should enjoy, but they’re also all things that take some work. It takes discipline. It costs something.

Maybe you need to skip out on an extra lunch date, a few chapters of your newest book, some extra time at work, catching up on your favorite show, a regular workout session, or even some extra sleep. Maybe you have to give up some volunteer activities, involvement in church programs, or time spent helping someone else…

These are all good things, but they pale in comparison to the time you could spend with God. And sure, it will be hard. Discipline is painful. Your flesh dies a little every time your spirit grows closer to God.

Kind of like growing pains…

Growing Pains: the Cost of Getting to Know God

It hurts, doesn’t it? But the result is so worth it.

By training your mind to ignore outside distractions and quiet inner distractions, and by training your body to spend that time being still before God every day — you gain so much!

You gain intimacy with your Father. You gain knowledge of the holy things, wisdom and understanding of the greatest Truth that exists, and peace that passes all understanding. You learn to trust — and to rest — in Him completely.

Scripture read today will return to help in all your tomorrows. Prayers offered today will effect change far into the future. Quietness with God today will reap rewards throughout the rest of your life.

Time spent with God is never wasted. {<– tweet that!}

But is it important to you?



How do you make spending time with God a priority in your daily life? Practical suggestions, anyone?


Make time to know God by reading through His Word.
Follow along with this week’s reading schedule:

Tuesday: Leviticus 22-24, Proverbs 17:1-14
Wednesday: Leviticus 25-27, Proverbs 17:15-28
Thursday: Hebrews 1-3, Psalm 24
Friday: Hebrews 4-6, Psalm 25
Saturday: Hebrews 7-10, Psalm 26
Sunday: Hebrews 11-13, Psalm 27
Monday: reflection or catch-up day

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9 thoughts on “Growing Pains: the Cost of Getting to Know God

  1. Amen and amen!! : ) I’ve been working at it lately — still missing some days, but pressing on. I love how you said that if we miss a coffee date with a good friend, we would work hard to figure out a time that would work. God is so much greater than the world’s best friend, so how much MORE should we make every effort to have time with Him. I really appreciate your encouragement! : )

    1. Thanks so much for YOUR encouragement, Sandy! Keep on getting in the Word. It’s worth it!!

  2. love the new look! Blessings to you Friend!

  3. Great reminders, Elizabeth. Amazing how giving time to the Lord costs us something, but the reward spiritually is so much greater. Thanks for the encouragement. Visiting today from Amanda’s desire to inspire.

    1. So true! God’s returns are always higher than our investments. Thanks, Lauren!

  4. Being quiet is what I struggle with the most. I can pray and read my Bible but how do you sit there and just not say anything or think? Thank you for the reminder of growing pains and that it’s okay for it to cost so much.

    Stopping by from Desire to Inspire today.

    1. It’s so hard to simply be quiet. Sometimes using a journal can help with that. Thanks for stopping by, Leslie!

  5. As a church at the moment we are working on “making space” in our lives. This is a good reminder.

    1. That sounds like a great challenge, Liz!

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