Intercession: Family Time

Valentine’s Day — love it or hate it?

I may be married, but I’m not crazy about all the romantic-hoopla that retail stores try to throw at us. I never buy cards, I make my own. I don’t usually buy gifts for my husband, I make my own. And we don’t always go out for a nice meal — sometimes, I make my own.

All the commercialization of love can get kind of crazy — especially if you don’t feel like you have any reason to celebrate.  Valentine’s Day can be difficult, there’s no question about it. I know you’re not all married. And I know not all married people are happy in their marriages.

But I want to propose a challenge for today and tomorrow… a challenge that everyone can participate in:

Intercession: Family Time

Let’s love our families this Valentine’s Day by praying for them! {<–tweet that!}

Because prayer equals love, right? It’s the most intimate form of communication with God, and has the greatest power to effect change. It involves time and energy and discipline. It takes work.

And the better you know someone, the more effectively you can pray for that person. And you probably know your family pretty well… in fact, you probably know them better than anyone else in their lives.

You are more equipped to pray for your family than anyone else in their lives.

And before you stop me because you’re not married, or you’re not in touch with your parents anymore, or you were an only child…. everyone has some sort of family. Whether you’re married or not, you have someone somewhere that you consider to be like family.

And maybe you even have the dream of a someday-family. Those future relationships need prayer too! Maybe it’s those kids you dream of having, or that spouse you’re longing for. Why not pray for them now? 

Who knows what those prayers might accomplish? 

Whoever your family is, they need your prayers. Whether it’s your spouse and children, your parents and siblings, your grandkids or great-aunt, or good friends-that-are-closer-than-family…

If you don’t pray for them, who will?

So give your loved ones the best Valentine’s gift by earnestly interceding on their behalf.

Focus on Intercession

Some suggestions of how to pray:

— Pray that your family (or future family) would be united in Christ, and that He would be the tie that binds everyone together. Pray for peace and like-mindedness within the family.

— Pray for salvation where it is needed. If your family has young children, pray for parental wisdom and discernment and faithfulness in teaching/living the Gospel. (Or pray this for your future children/grandchildren!)

— Pray for wisdom in making day-to-day decisions. Pray that family members would respect each others’ opinions, and be willing to listen and adapt when necessary.

— Pray for your family to be others-focused, both within the immediate nucleus of the home as well as the greater scope of the community. Pray that each family member would be the needs of others ahead of their own.

— Pray for your family to be a light and a testimony to the world. Pray that words and actions towards others would reflect Christ’s love and proclaim His truth. Pray for your family to be instrumental in leading others to Christ.

— Pray for purity within the family. Pray that relationships would stay pure, and that each member would resist any temptation towards immorality. Pray that thoughts would remain God-honoring, and that any outside relationships would be made with caution and discernment.

— Pray for your family to follow biblical commands that are given for each relationship. Pray for each wife to respect her husband, for each husband to love his wife, for parents not to provoke their children to sin, and for each child to honor and obey his parents.

— Pray for spiritual growth and maturity for each member of your family. Pray that you would grow, individually and collectively, in knowledge of the Scriptures and intimacy with God. Pray that each one of you would be faithful and fruitful. Pray that your family would make good spiritual health their highest priority.

— Pray for strength to deal with attacks against the home, and for strong cords of love to bind your family together against those attacks.

— Pray that your family would stay faithful to minister and serve other families, especially within a local church. Pray that you all would remain tightly knit within a community of Christ-centered believer. Pray that your family would offer examples and role models for others to follow.

— Pray for any other needs you know about: health problems, financial situations, school issues, work problems, relationship difficulties, impending decisions, etc.


How can I pray specifically for you or your family today?

Leave a comment with your request!


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17 thoughts on “Intercession: Family Time

  1. I could not help think that you are adopted into the family of God and for that reason you are family to me…and to others here I am sure. Please pray that my children would not believe the lies of satan that they have to be somebody in order for them to be accepted by Jesus; that they have to measure up. Please pray that they would have a hunger and a thirst for righteousness.

    1. You’re right – we ARE family! 🙂
      Praying right now that your children would be more attuned to the Spirit’s whispers than the shouting of the world. Praying that they would be tender to His leading and convicting. Praying that God would work in their hearts to make them into the men & women HE wants them to be, and that they would be willing and ready vessels for Him to use.

      1. That’s it! When our Lord Jesus answers our prayers, I will be the wealthiest dad in the world!!

  2. I love this idea of intercession for our family on Valentines day…it and other holidays are so hard for so many people. I shared this with my pastor and gave you credit……such a wise idea.

    1. Thank you Jane!

  3. GROSS, Elizabeth! Just last night and again this morning, I was stressing out, crying, and asking my friends for prayer (for me and my (im-)patience) concerning an upcoming family vacation that couldn’t come at a worse time. Thanks for the encouragement to pray for these people who need to know Christ.

    1. And I’ll be praying for you and this upcoming vacation!

      1. Thanks so much!

  4. Amen! Love this and will join you in praying for our families.

    1. Thank you friend! Praying for you too!

  5. I love your heart for prayer! And I love that you said, “Who knows what your prayers will accomplish?” That’s SO true! God knows, and giving it to Him is so incredibly freeing!

    1. Yes! Surrendering our troubles to God IS incredibly freeing!

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  7. As the mom of two teens, this line echoes my heart “You are more equipped to pray for your family than anyone else in their lives.”

    I couldn’t agree with you more about the commercialization of the day, but for us, this year was different! Something got into my Hubs and he went all out! Can’t say I didn’t enjoy the pampering just a little!

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Sounds awesome, Lori! Pampering is pretty sweet every once in a while – just as long as we don’t start to “expect it, I think.

  8. This would also be great for the {Hope for the Home} linky party!

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