Let’s Pray for Each Other!

Let’s take some time today to pray for each other.

We all have burdens on our hearts. We’d all love some extra prayer for those difficult situations, those uncertain or tricky circumstances. We’d all appreciate some extra encouragement.

Focus on Intercession

It’s our privilege to pray for each other! And it’s a joy to see how God works through our prayers. It’s a delight to know He uses our meager words.

Will you take a moment to share YOUR requests? Let us help carry your burdens to the throne of grace. Give us the honor of interceding for you.

Don’t be embarrassed by your requests, or shy about asking for prayer. We’re all imperfect, sinful creatures. We all struggle with the same sort of things. And we all need people to pray for us.

And would you give that gift to another person today?

Before you go, take a moment to pray for the person who shared before you.

Leave them a brief word of encouragement, if you can, letting them know they were prayed for today. Be a blessing to them. Support them as your brother or sister in Christ. Who knows… it could be the nicest thing anyone does for them today!

Ready to intercede?

How can we pray for you today?




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8 thoughts on “Let’s Pray for Each Other!

  1. I’ll start… could you pray for my husband?
    He’s in the middle of another semester of seminary, working overtime at his job, and juggling a few other responsibilities along the way. Pray that he could rest in God’s control, stress less, and find a few extra hours for rest each week. And pray that I would be cheerful and helpful to him during this crazy busy season!

  2. I will pray for your husband and for you — and that reminds me that I should ask for prayer for my husband, too! He has started a biological consulting business after losing his job last May, and it has been a slow process. Please pray that he will be diligent and productive at helping his current clients, that God will provide new clients (hopefully who will have a long-term consulting relationship), and that he will start getting paid more promptly (which includes him billing more promptly). And similarly, I want to be very supportive, helpful, and encouraging to him! 🙂

    1. Sandy, praying for you and your husband. Praying that God would guide his business how He desires, that your husband would be willing to follow and trust God’s direction. Praying for financial provision and stability. Praying for both of you to seek God’s wisdom, trust His leading no matter how unpopular it seems, and humbly support each other during this transition.

  3. Thanks for this good idea, Elizabeth! Just last night, I was talking with a group of ladies from church about how important it is that we pray for each other. This is how we model Biblical friendship for the younger women. You can pray for me in this area of friendships, that I wouldn’t analyze mine,but rather be grateful for them, and that I wouldn’t idolize friends or seek their approval above God’s. Thanks!

    1. Jen, praying that God would lead you to the relationships HE wants you to have. Praying for a heart of gratitude and a ministry mindset towards those you already have. Praying that HE would remain first in your heart, the One who satisfies your every desire, who fills all your vision.

  4. Hi, sweet friend! I am praying for James and for you. You guys will get through this! Sandy, I’ll be praying for you and your husband, as well. And since we’re praying for our husbands, please be praying for new clients for my husband in his counseling job – it’s kind of a dry spell right now, but we are trusting God for His faithful provision. And a personal request… I am only around 3 weeks from what would have been my due date. I am doing my best to not dwell on my loss, but it is hard when my heart longs to hold that little life. Love you, friend!

    1. Thanks, Catherine! I clicked over to look at your blog, and I was so touched by your letter to your precious baby in heaven. <: ) I will pray for you!

    2. Dear friend, praying hugs for you right now! Also praying for financial provision, stability, and reminders of God’s faithfulness. Praying that Ryan would have wisdom and guidance in his job, and that you would both be able to trust and rest in God alone during this time. Love you!!

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