March 20, 2018

Rejoicing in Misery?

When you feel lousy – you feel lousy.

When your body feels sick and tired and blah – then your spirit feels miserable and cranky and, well, blah.

Anyone who’s ever been sick can relate.

You see, the body and spirit are so interconnected that when you fight a battle in one area, it gets fought in the other one too. When your energy is being spent fighting sickness of some sort, that’s energy that is not being spent fighting bad attitudes and low spirits.

It’s hard to fight on both fronts at the same time. It’s challenging. Sometimes it feels impossible.

But I don’t think it is impossible.

Why? Because we have commands in Scripture, and we are expected to obey those commands no matter what. And that must mean that we have whatever we need to obey – including energy.

God commands us to be thankful. He tells us to give thanks in every circumstance and for every circumstance. He tells us to rejoice in all things. He tells us to bring our prayers before Him with thanksgiving.

And let me tell you something… when your body feels worn out and fatigued day after day, you sure don’t feel like being thankful. When you wake up after a fitful night of sleep, feeling worse than you did the night before, wanting to just lay in bed all day – you don’t feel like rejoicing in all that misery.


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  1. As I read this, I’m chuckling for two reasons. First, I just left a comment about irritability and pain on your last post (I was catching up in order). Second, even as I read this I’m out on a date with my hubby which may very well be shortened by the stone I’m trying to pass. Once again, a timely word from you, my friend!

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