Send God a Valentine

You know how you do nice things for your closest friend, just because they mean the world to you? You treat them to coffee, send them a funny card, bring them flowers, or something else that will put a smile on their face.

Why don’t we do that for God?

Instead of merely doing things because we’re “supposed” to, instead of simply doing what we’ve always done, instead of doing things in front of others to edify them…

Why not do something for God’s eyes only, just because you love Him? {–> click here to tweet that!}

Things like:

— singing a love-song-of-praise to Him

— writing Him a love-letter-prayer for His eyes only

— promising your life to Him all over again

— truly enjoying extra time in His Word

— spending extra time meditating on some favorite promises

— journaling a list of reasons you love Him

— planning special dates with Him (beyond the usual)

— creating something with your hands just for Him

Be thrilled with God’s love!

His passion for you is something so rare, so immense, and so intimate — nothing (no one) in this world could ever come close to replicating it.

Reciprocate His love. Echo it back to Him.

He longs to hear your praise. He longs to see you smile at His presence.

He is your greatest Valentine. So let Him know you love Him too!


Happy Valentines Day


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7 thoughts on “Send God a Valentine

  1. Great ideas, and what a unique (and uplifting) take on Valentine’s Day!

    1. Thanks, Amanda!

  2. I love your take! I will make sure to share with our readers because this is something we should all be doing!

    1. Thanks, Nikki!

  3. Love this!! Would love for you to start linking up to our {Hope for the Home} linky party every week, where we share ways to make God apart of our everyday lives and homes!

    1. Thanks! I’ll check it out 🙂

  4. […] exist! He sacrificed Himself for you, while you were His enemy. So take a few moments today to send God a valentine… because He loved you […]

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