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I am such a bookworm… as if you can’t tell by my progress in this year’s Reading Challenge.

I probably need to adjust my goal, or I’ll reach it far too soon! 

I love sharing book recommendations, when I read something really great, but I don’t feel like this blog is the best place to share everything I read. Especially since I’m trying to keep the focus here on Encouraging Christ-Centered Living and Romans 12:12.

Somehow novels by Alison Weir and Dorothy Sayers don’t seem to mesh with that…

But this year I’ve become a regular contributor to a book review blog, What’s On My Nightstand. And now I have a place to share some of my favorite new books, which absolutely thrills me. Who knows, maybe I’ll start my own book review site sometime in the future…

So come on over to my little corner of the nightstand! I’ve got a review up today about The Lady Elizabeth. Have you read it?


QUESTION: Do you love to read? Do you ever review your favorite books anywhere?

 A few other places I find great book recommendations are The Deliberate Reader, Keren Threlfall, A Spirited Mind, Words with Books, and Tim Challies. Do you have any other favorites?



7 thoughts on “What’s On My Nightstand

  1. Why yes, I do love to read. As you might already know. 😉

    No, I’ve never read The Lady Elizabeth, but I do love Alison Weir.

    1. Sheila, I never would have guessed! 😉
      You know, you’re the reason I picked up Alison Weir in the first place – you recommended the history, but I absolutely love her fiction.

  2. Thanks for introducing me to an new-to-me author in Alison Weir. (And I enjoy Dorothy Sayers’ fiction, as well!)

    Hoping to post more about my reading over on my blog this year, especially as I work on my challenge.

    1. That would be great! What reading challenge are you doing?

      1. I’m TRYING to participate in Deliberate Reader’s challenge, but people keep giving me really good NEW books to read! (bit.ly/TKYVsz)

      2. Sorry, but that made me chuckle 😉

      3. Glad SOMEONE is enjoying my quandry! 🙂

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