March 13, 2018

How to Follow Blogs (or, keeping up with DFD)

{This has nothing to do with the weekly Bible reading schedule, but I thought it was important to address.}

The days of visiting websites every day to check for new content are over. If you want to keep up with a site or blog, you need to follow it somehow.

Basically, that means giving the site permission to share updates with you personally, usually through a third-party service. It can be through a social media site (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn), a delivery service that pushes new content directly to your email, or an RSS aggregator which collects all the content into one single space (like a magazine).

Three popular ways to follow blogs (especially DogFur and Dandelions!) are Facebook, Email, and RSS.

I want to make sure you’re getting updated content, if you want it. So can I make some suggestions about optimizing these three options?

Follow DFD via FacebookFollow Blogs through Facebook

Facebook is a good way to see new posts, but you might not be seeing everything I share on the DFD Page. Facebook uses algorithms to determine what items to display in your newsfeed. Those algorithms rely heavily on the popularity of those items (ie, the “top posts”). In other words, the more people like, comment, or share something — the more likely it will show up in everyone’s feeds.

Not to mention, I love interacting with you! Some days, the Facebook page is so quiet you can hear the crickets chirping. But when someone comments — or even just says hi — I have a little cheer squad inside my head! 🙂 Your comments, and opinions, and thoughts are greatly appreciated!

Suggestion: “like” the DFD Facebook page and start commenting on DFD posts. Your newsfeed will include them more consistently, once it realizes you want to see them, and will help others see those posts too!

Follow DFD via Email Follow Blogs through Email 

Email subscriptions are wonderful — for you and for me. It’s great for you, because the posts get delivered directly to your inbox. If you get HTML emails (and who doesn’t these days?) they keep all the formatting and design tweaks I’ve made, so they look pretty good that way. And you can follow any of the links I’ve included right from your email program.

{From a blogger’s point-of-view, email subscriptions are great too — because we can see who subscribes, unlike other options. But don’t worry, I never use that information for anything other than sending you new posts. I promise!}

Another perk of following via email is GIFTS!! We bloggers love to share free content (or services) with our most faithful readers — which typically is those who subscribe by email and RSS. Sometimes that content is exclusive to subscribers; sometimes it’s sold elsewhere.

For instance, my ebook Trust. Hope. Rejoice. is listed on Amazon — but those who subscribe by email or RSS receive a link at the end of each post, where you can download it for free!

Suggestion: sign up here to receive new posts by email. You can always unsubscribe later, if you want (but why would you?).

Note: this is a different subscription than the monthly newsletter. If you want both, you need to subscribe to each one separately.

Follow DFD via RSSFollow Blogs through RSS

RSS is great for people who read a lot of blogs every day. It combines all the feeds (new content) into one single place — letting you read everything like a newspaper or magazine. In fact, that’s how I follow my favorite blogs. It beats crowding my inbox with the 30-40 posts I skim through each day.

Unfortunately, Google Reader (one of the most popular RSS feed aggregators) is retiring on July 1. So what’s an RSS reader, like myself, to do? I switched to feedly. It’s optimized for those transitioning from Google Reader, and actually has a pretty similar interface. It’s easy to use, customize, and organize (which is crucial when you follow a lot of blogs!) — and I’d highly recommend to both seasoned-RSS’ers and RSS-newbies!

Suggestion: sign up to follow DFD with feedlyIf you go to feedly, select “Start: Find and add your favorite sites,” and enter this link ( in the search box. When it goes to the DFD feed, just hit the “Add” button next to the blog title!

Note: RSS subscribers also get access to free content! Look for the links at the end of each post.

How do you usually follow DogFur and Dandelions?


Here’s the weekly Bible-reading schedule. Join me?

Tuesday: Deuteronomy 17-19, Psalm 45
Wednesday: Deuteronomy 20-22, Psalm 46
Thursday: Deuteronomy 23-26, Psalm 47
Friday: Deuteronomy 27-30, Psalm 48
Saturday: Deuteronomy 31-34, Psalm 49
Sunday: James 1-2, Psalm 50
Monday: reflection or catch-up


  1. the white wave says:

    I have it bookmarked on a toolbar on my screen.

  2. I usually find your posts via my news feed on FB, but I also have you in RSS. Although, I’m not quite as consistent over there because I feel like I have to have a lot of time to sit down and read through the blogs I’ve subscribed to – and I have A LOT in my reader!

    • Do you use categories in your RSS reader? I’ve got around 80 blogs, and that’s the only way I get through most of them. I have some categories where I only read headlines, some I skim through, and some I spend time on – those are my top priorities when I only have a few minutes (Note: yours are in that category!) And by categorizing, I can look at just that one category and not see all the other unread articles… Does that bother anyone else like it does me?

  3. Right now, you have your own little special window on my Google homepage (and I see updates on Facebook). However, I’m trying to wean myself over to Feedly (although I do follow a few blogs over on Bloglovin, since I just set myself up over there, too). Oh, Google, why do you have to go all Facebook on us and start changing things?