March 20, 2018

No Limitations

We can all relate to the word limitations.

Pain has limitations. Grief, and sickness, and loss… they all have limitations too. They all restrict what we can do.

I’m a word person, and I enjoy looking up definitions of commonly-used words, just to discover some extra nuances and get a better grasp on the reach of that particular word. Here’s what I found for the word limitation:

Origin: 1350-1400, Middle English from Latin, stem of līmitātiō – a bounding
past participle of līmitāreto enclose within boundaries

Definition: a limiting condition, restrictive weakness, lack of capacity, inability or handicap;
something that limits a quality or achievement

Sound familiar?

I have a limiting condition known as chronic illness. It is certainly a restrictive weakness, as it often prevents me from doing the things I love. It is a boundary that restricts me physically. It manifests itself as a lack of (energy and immune system) capacity. It limits the achievements I would love to attain.

And if I let it – it could limit my spirit as well. My emotions and my heart could find themselves bound up and restricted by it.

There’s so much that I cannot do, that I would love to do, because of my illness. I can’t volunteer for everything, I can’t do lunch five days a week, I can’t be very spontaneous with my husband, I can’t go hiking every weekend, I can’t stay up late or get up early. I can’t, I Can’t, I CAN’T!!!

But here’s the catch: I can’t focus on all of the “can’ts”!


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