Read the Bible Daily (Part 2)

Should a Christian read the Bible daily? I think so, and so do many of you.

But why is daily Bible reading the expected “normal” for Christians? Why do we teach it to our children, and preach it from our pulpits? Why do we strive to master this discipline?

Why Should You Read the Bible Daily?

Looking through your comments, I found 3 major reasons to read it every day: a relationship, a command, and a benefit.


Read the Bible daily to grow in your relationship.

“I try to read daily because it is where I hear God’s voice. Direction, peace. Building a relationship with Him. I don’t like missing a day talking to my husband. Why would I want to miss a day talking to the Lover of My Soul? It is a habit. But it is a relationship.” (Bernadette)

“I wouldn’t go a day without talking to my wife [so] why should I go a day without communicating with my Saviour?” (Tim)

“I try to read it daily because when I don’t, it seems like the next thing I know it’s been several days and I haven’t read it. If I don’t stick with my routine, I all too easily fall out of the habit completely. So, for me it’s not that missing one day is such a bad thing, it’s that one day suddenly turns into four or five or more days.” (Sheila)

“I am in the Word daily . . .  Why do I do this – because I love Him, because of what He has done for me.  He should be and is the most important thing in my life.” (another blogger)

God is your Creator, and if you have trusted His Son for salvation, then He is also your Father. You have a relationship with Him! And just like any other relationship, the less you listen to a person, the less you know them.

The Bible is God’s way of talking to us — and reading it is our way of listening to Him. It contains His story, from eternity past to eternity future. It tells us how to know and love Him intimately. It’s like an instruction book for the greatest relationship ever — written by the greatest Partner in that relationship!

You need to read it, in order to know Him. You need to read it daily, in order to fellowship with Him daily. You wouldn’t ignore your spouse or best friend for days on end… so why ignore God? Why ignore His end of the conversation?


Read the Bible daily to obey His command.

“We learn by repetition.  Do you remember in school the teachers always told you it was better to study for a big test by reading a little a day rather than just pulling an all nighter before the test?  That’s how we best learn about our God and His wonderful deeds.” (Jennifer)

“Study to show thyself approved would seem to imply daily. If we studied daily for our college courses, should we not do more with God’s Word?” (Brian)

Not only should we read the Bible daily to maintain a healthy relationship with your Creator, but we should read it daily to obey God’s instruction! He wants every one of His children to be “a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15).

If He truly gives us all we need for life and godliness, then we need to know Him better! And we do that by knowing His Word.

Remember David? The Psalms are especially rich with reminders to know God’s Word. In fact, the longest chapter in the Bible is focused completely on the privileges of knowing His Word!

But those privileges come only by reading. And so we must read, in order to know His Word.


Read the Bible daily to reap its benefits.

“I read it daily because it is important to put God’s truth into our hearts, then when Satan tries to attack me, I have the truth to counter attack back against him. I also like reading it daily because it encourages my heart and I miss out on so much when I am unable to apply that encouragement to my dry, weary, soul.” (Kim)

“Personally, I should read the Bible every day because of a multitude of reasons . . . I feel the benefit when I do, and feel the empty when I don’t!” (Lori)

“The Bible – God’s word, truth, works on your heart like nothing else, the Sword of the Spirit, an offensive weapon, memorise and meditate to deflect and defeat the enemies arrows, builds you from the inside out , gives you promises, reinforces hope, faith and hope.” (Ian)

We read because we want to know Him. We read because He wants us to. But as we read and grow, we reap so many benefits! The Bible is truly a divine gift for mankind!

It provides ammunition to fight Satan.
It mirrors how God sees us.
It feeds and nourishes us “from the inside out.”
It teaches about our history.
It gives hope for our future.
It explains our identity in Christ.
It offers forgiveness, cleansing, and new starts.
It strengthens and encourages tired souls.
It teaches, promises, comforts, upholds, and trains.
It equips us for doing good works.
It completes us.

Why wouldn’t you want all these things? But first you must read!

You must read, in order to know His benefits. You must read in order to know what those benefits are, and how to experience them.

We must read, in order to know. {<– click to tweet this!}


Let’s continue this series! What is your typical focus in daily Bible reading: study, instruction, meditation, familiarity? Something else entirely?

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