Why Should You Read the Bible Daily?

I’ve been quiet, I know.

Book revisions and visiting family (and a birthday! woohoo!) have taken a lot of time and energy lately. And this week will probably be quieter too. My husband’s seminary has their annual Bible conference, and I’m hoping to make it to a few services — it’s always refreshing to listen to good preaching and soak up the truths of God’s Word.

I’m really hoping to get back into my “normal” routine after this week. But in the meantime, I have a question for you to think about. I’ll probably be writing about this soon…. and I’d love to hear your thoughts:

Why should a Christian read the Bible daily?

Because you grew up doing that?

Because it’s something to check off your to-do list every day?

Because reading it daily makes you feel like a “good” Christian?

Because it makes you look “spiritual” to those around you?

Because reading it daily will stop bad things from happening?

Because you just plain feel like you should?

Because…. ???

Why Should You Read the Bible Daily?

Think about it. Leave me a comment, send me a message. Let me know what you think.

How often do you feel like you should read your Bible?



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14 thoughts on “Why Should You Read the Bible Daily?

  1. I try to read it daily because when I don’t, it seems like the next thing I know it’s been several days and I haven’t read it. If I don’t stick with my routine, I all too easily fall out of the habit completely.So, for me it’s not that missing one day is such a bad thing, it’s that one day suddenly turns into four or five or more days.

    1. That sure sounds familiar…

  2. I try to read daily because it is where I hear God’s voice. Direction, peace. Building a relationship with Him. I don’t like missing a day talking to my husband. Why would I want to miss a day talking to the Lover of My Soul? It is a habit. But it is a relationship.

    1. Love your answer. Might quote it in my article 🙂

  3. I read it daily because it is important to put God’s truth into our hearts, then when satan tries to attack me, I have the truth to counter attack back against him. I also like reading it daily because it encourages my heart and I miss out on so much when I am unable to apply that encouragement to my dry, weary, soul.

    1. Amen! We need to read it, so we have its promises when life is hard. Thanks for commenting, Kim!

  4. We learn by repetition. Do you remember in school the teachers always told you it was better to study for a big test by reading a little a day rather than just pulling an all nighter before the test? That’s how we best learn about our God and His wonderful deeds.

    1. Yes, definitely.

  5. I was going to come looking for you! Glad you’re back. I was visiting family. But I always look to you as a help to remind me of what I want to be doing, even when the world distracts me. I love your reminders!

    Personally, I should read the bible every day because of a multitude of reasons! To further my level of intimacy with Him, to guard myself with His armor, to give me words for numerous occasions including praising Him and teaching others,… I could go on. But those reasons are my top reasons, and I feel the benefit when I do, and feel the empty when I don’t!

    1. Wonderful reasons, Lori. And I’m with on feeling the empty when I’m not reading God’s Word regularly.

  6. Sheila, I also have to say your answer,too! Some people either don’t admit they get distracted by the world (or maybe they really don’t) but it is SUCH a reminder to me! I often try to shake my routine each month or so, so that I don’t take it for granted or get blasé about it. Sometimes my head is rock hard! 🙂

    1. That’s a great idea, Lori! I haven’t purposely been shaking up my routine, but in retrospect, I can see how I’ve benefited from doing so. Definitely something to think about!

  7. I am in the Word daily, preferably early morning and I try to stay in an on-line Bible study. Just finished Let.It.Go by Karen Ehman, now in Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst and waiting on Stressed-Less Living by Renee Swope. Why do I do this – because I love Him, because of what He has done for me. He should be and is the most important thing in my life.

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