Your Faithful and Loving High Priest

I was reading through Hebrews last week, and it was so refreshing after spending time in the Old Testament laws of Leviticus. It is so revitalizing to meditate on Jesus Christ as our High Priest.

He knows, He loves, so intimately because He has been where we are.

God Himself, a Spirit full of perfection, willingly took on a form of decay. He put on mortal flesh and carried the heavy guilt of sin. He was condemned, unable to communicate with God. He stared death in its evil face. He fought the desperation of the grave.

But He came out the Victor! He is not a cold, uncaring priest who cannot relate to our weaknesses. He has lived what we live. He knows our struggles, because He has fought them too. {<– tweet that!}

What greater love is there, than One who lives only for the sake of another? One who gives up their desires, even their very life, for the sole benefit of another? And we were His sworn enemies when He did all of that! 

That’s how much He loves you, how much He cherishes you.

And now He serves as your High Priest. He made the (ultimate) sacrifice, as Old Testaments priests did (continually) for their people. He intercedes for us, as they did. He mediates between us and God, as they did.

And loves you. With the deep soul-filling love that only He can give. As your own personal High Priest who would die in your place. Intimately and eternally.

And as your High Priest, He makes it possible for you to have a personal, intimate relationship with your Creator.

Who else can offer that?

Who else can love like that?

It simply amazes me.


How has God’s Word amazed you lately?


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4 thoughts on “Your Faithful and Loving High Priest

  1. This weekend our message at church was on Psalm 22. It blew me away the presence of Christ in word written by David hundreds of years prior. God is so amazing!

    1. Amen!! Christological prophecy does kind of boggle the mind!

  2. One of my all time favorite verses was in my quiet time this morning. Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life. Proverbs 4:23

    1. Love that verse!!

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