Comfort from Psalm 63

If you need extra encouragement today, spend some time in Psalm 63.

Meditate on it. Pray it back to God. Let it be your heart’s cry to your Savior.
Cling to Him. And find comfort in the shadow of His wings.

Comfort from Psalm 63

Read Psalm 63


Share with me! What’s your favorite Psalm of comfort?


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2 thoughts on “Comfort from Psalm 63

  1. Today, my favorite and most comforting Psalm is Ps. 2. It’s comforting to me, especially in these times when our culture and even our government seem so opposed to Biblical principles, to know that God sits enthroned in Heaven and laughs as earthly nations rage against Him. The nations are powerless before Him, so we have nothing to fear.

    1. That does sound comforting. I think I’ll read that tonight before bed. Thanks for sharing!

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