Gratitude: One Unique Thing

We like to write gratitude lists, don’t we? It helps us focus more actively on positive things, on blessings and smiles, rather than negatives. It helps us remember what we have, even when we’re going through a season of have-not.

But if you’re like me, you tend to repeat the same things.

Coffee makes my list at least once a week. So does my husband. So does time with God. And I’m always mentioning books, sunshine, fresh air, good food… Those are all wonderful blessings, and they certainly ought to be on our lists.

We need to be thankful for everyday things — but we need to show gratitude for unique things, too!

Get creative! Think outside your usual boxes. Consider things that look like problems, things you simply don’t even notice because they’re always there. Be more aware of the innumerable blessings He’s bestowed upon your life.

And actively — consciously — thank God for every single one of them! 

Why? Because every good and perfect gift comes from Him alone. He never withholds anything that is truly good from us. And He works good out of every circumstance.

Every good and perfect gift is from God.
Everything is worth our gratitude.

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So I have just one question for you today. Just one thing for you to consider.

What is one unique thing you have never consciously thanked God for?

And…… GO!!!



My one thing?

I’ve been pondering this all week. It may sound weird, but I have to say… grief.

Because it draws us so intensely close to God. Because it forces us to depend only on Him, to lean on His arms alone, and leave behind all the trappings of this life. Because without grief, we wouldn’t fully appreciate true joy.

Just like you don’t really notice the light until you’re surrounded by darkness — you’re more aware of true joy once you’ve been through a period of deep grief.

Not that I wish grief on anyone, or even want it for myself! But I have to thank God for it. He allows it; therefore, there must be some good that can come from it. And whatever that good may be — it is a precious gift from the Great Giver of Perfect Gifts.

What’s your one thing??


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2 thoughts on “Gratitude: One Unique Thing

  1. I am grateful for the purposefullness with which God puts people into our lives. Most specifically, I am grateful that, because of the disease I have and the long home-bound days that seem to never end, I have great sympathy for friends who, due to various ills, are also home-bound, and getting cabin fever. I’m glad I know just how that feels, and I know how I can best minister to these friends.

    1. I love your heart for this, Jen. You really are a blessing, and I am grateful to know you!

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