Pray for Our Government

I don’t want to start a political firestorm. In fact, I don’t even like talking about politics. But, no matter what our political leanings are — as Christian citizens, we are responsible to pray for our government.

There’s so much going on right now in America! Many decisions are being made which will drastically affect our future — and our children’s futures. We’re right on the edge, friends. So many laws are being considered which can either ruin or strengthen our country’s greatness.

Supreme Court cases, international threats, educational policies, increase in unemployment, healthcare reform, gun control, abortion, budget deficits, tax cuts… what else am I missing?

We must consistently pray for our government!

Paul tells us to pray for “kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way.

We need to intercede for our nation’s leaders so they can lead with integrity and wisdom. We need to intercede for them so they will make decisions which further peace and domestic tranquility. We need to intercede for them so God’s Word will be honored through their decisions, and exalted through our laws.

It is possible, my friends. Prayer changes things.

Prayer changes men’s hearts!

Just how much change could our prayers effect? Who knows, until we try! <– tweet that

Who says daily dedicated prayer couldn’t stop some of these issues right where they are? Who says consistent passionate intercession couldn’t effect greater change than all the politicians/public speakers could ever dream of creating?

The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working!

Think of Elijah praying for rain, and then for drought. Think of Moses interceding for Israel. Think of Abraham interceding for Lot. Think of all the great miracles that took place throughout Scripture — because someone prayed passionately, fervently, persistently. Someone prayed in faith that God would work. 

Pray for our Government

So how should we pray for our government?

  • Pray according to the principles laid out in Scripture: for God’s Word to be proclaimed, for His truth to effect change, to His laws to be obeyed, for His name to be honored. Pray that He would be glorified above man’s interests and desires.
  • Pray in faith that God will work according to your requests. Believe in His power to work what seems impossible. Believe in His wisdom and providence. Believe that He will do whatever we ask in His Son’s name, according to His will. He promises that!
  • Pray passionately, fervently, consistently. The passionate prayer involves emotion, heart, soul. It is not mere words — it involves your entire being! The fervent prayer is not a weak, halfhearted request. It involves unwavering confidence in God’s power and willingness to work! The consistent prayer does not give up after a day or two. It returns again and again to plead with God!

Our greatest plea ought to be for salvation, for every one of our nation’s leaders. No living person is beyond the reach of God’s mercy. No one can do anything to merit salvation: therefore, redemption is possible for every living person. 

For those who already know God personally, pray for their courage and integrity. Pray that they would stand for His truth. Pray that they would be passionate about furthering His kingdom, through laws and decisions they make each day. Pray that they would seek His will first and foremost — not merely what furthers their own agenda, promotes their own interests, or keeps peace regardless of future costs.

Pray specifically about:

  • the two cases being heard in the Supreme Court, both determining the future of marriage in America
  • political unrest across the globe, much of which directly involves American well-being
  • the continued practice of murdering unborn children
  • economic decisions being made at both state and federal levels
  • the future of gun control — and American rights in general
  • healthcare programs which could help or hurt the American people
  • the budget (or lack thereof) and the protection of our nation’s resources
  • continued Constitutional freedom (religion, speech, press, etc.)
  • other political issues which lay heavy on your heart!


Any other particular burdens you have for your country’s leaders? Any names or issues we can pray for specifically?


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